Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mary Mary Illuminati Allegedly Exposed At Black Girls Rock! [Pics and VIDEO]

Mary Mary's Erica Campbell Allegedly flashes the Corna Hand signMary Mary Illuminati Allegedly Exposed At Black Girls Rock!

We wanted to thank one of our readers, S.D. for revealing the alleged Illuminati hands signs by gospel sister duo, Mary Mary. We reviewed the video of their performance at the 2011 Black Girls Rock! event from last week and its appears to be clear what sister Erica Campbell is doing. It actually looks pretty blatant how she allegedly flashes the hidden coven 6 hand sign several times along with the Corna hand sign. She allegedly flashes the "6" sign so many times, we couldn't keep up. If this is true, it goes to prove the many reports that gospel artists are seeking more fame and fortune and will even abandon any sense of the God they supposedly serve for Satan's kingdom.


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