Sunday, November 27, 2011

Le'Andria Johnson: Why Is Her 'Make Him Like You" Video More About Romance

We wanted to speak on a gospel singer who has quickly made her album debut a huge success by making it secular. For those of you who know Le'Andria Johnson, you'd know she won on 'Sunday Best' gospel talent show last year and was adored for her authentic gospel sound.

Well, we are not sure if she is really doing gospel anymore because her new song, "Make Him Like You" is the equivalent to a R&B love song. It seems like she 'hooked' her gospel fans with her first single "Jesus" but now we see what's really going on. Like we wrote before, there is barely any hint of God or Jesus in the song. It is literally a love song. Don't get us wrong: love songs are for couples in the appropriate setting. No one can disagree with that.

We just saw the video that was released earlier this month and we can't say we were surprised. On the other hand, we still find it hard to believe that some gospel artists have turned secular yet want to carry the name 'gospel artist'. We say just go secular because God states in his word that He'd rather us be hot or cold and not lukewarm. (Revelations 3:15).

Now, Le'Andria Johnson's role in the video is totally contrary to what a real gospel singer should be singing. She's seen in a few seductive scenes with the video companion. But we thought this was a gospel song?

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