Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jesus Weeps: Bishop Lester Love Has NIghtclub in Church and Sings Secular Love Songs

Bishop Lester Love
We came across some videos of a well known bishop of New Orleans named Bishop Lester Love of City of Love Ministries. He has apparently used his last name, "Love" as a branding strategy allegedly to make a name for himself. 

With his 'City of Love' church and the remaking secular loves songs, his brand is very clear as a business and promotional model. He's apparently popular for singing secular songs to describe how he feels about God or Jesus, he says. This branding is surely bringing in a lot of money from disillusioned
walkers church members. As far as we can see, he has not only tried to take secular songs and put a gospel spin on it but, in our opinion, he's making an absolute idiot of himself.

Though people have been turning secular songs into gospels songs for years now, it only shows their love and desire to be accepted by the world and ultimately the image of the world. The church seems to be open to accepting just about anyone who says they are a man of God and can hold a tune (maybe). This, ladies and gentlemen- is the result of such respecter of persons many have become.
To read the entire article and see the videos of nightclub at his church as well as him sing 'secular love songs to Jesus', go HERE.


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