Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is Christian Rock Blasphemy Like Hip Hop Gospel Music?

Yes indeed, christian rock is blasphemy and this is why many young people and adults of all ages need to take heed to this article.  Christian rock has made many young people rebellious in the church just like hip hop  Jeff Godwin allegedly reveals why christian rock or any other type of contemporary christian music is blasphemy.   When watching this video you have got to wonder why this subject is not on the minds of many to today's preachers who preach sermons to win souls to Christ.   For if these preachers are ministering to souls to truly win them to Jesus Christ, then it would make sense for them to tell them the truth about christian rock or any other sort of contemporary gospel music.  In the Kingdom of God, money is not important except to take care of His House and money should not be collected by promoting christian rock music.    The reason why many ministers have failed to preach the full gospel opposing christian rock music, is simply because the money they collect through tickets from church concerts and tithes and offerings is taking care of their luxury lifestyle, which also supports their recognition as celebrities.  Have you noticed the popularity of today's mega ministers is the similitude of celebrities?

Repent Gospel Artists tells you the truth, we hide no facts from those who desire to fully serve the Lord Jesus Christ.   If we hold back like the average ministers of this era, we have not only failed you, but most of all, God and His Son, Jesus Christ.   We have to tell you the truth, so you will be very careful what church you attend. If they fail to inform you regarding these facts, regarding christian rock music, they will have to reap it later.  You should make a wise choice to only listen to music that is only spiritually inspired by God, certainly not Satan and His demons.

If we cannot tell the difference between looking and listening to christian rock, then there is no difference says Jeff Godwin on this following video.  Christian rock music started back in the late 70's and early 80's and Keith Green was the the first contemporary music artist to admit there was no difference, it was just neutral music.  Brothers and sisters, we are suppose to show the true light of Jesus Christ, so we will not look or even act like the world.   We are not suppose to look or act like children of the Devil, simply because we are born of God, not Satan.  As a Christian rock (or even hip hop gospel) music artist you will have to pay for what you have placed into millions of souls and that is, hypocrisy.   If your music is not totally representing Jesus Christ, then it does not belong to Him.  If you perform or appear similar to worldly artists, you are a child of Satan, not God.

If you truly are a born again Christian and have children, let us help transform the youth by not allowing them to listen to anymore christian rock music and when you hear Jeff Godwin speak on this following video, you will know the reason why it would be a wise idea.

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