Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is Amy Grant a Satan Worshiper or Is She Just Showing a Hand Sign, "I Love You"

Jeff Godwin allegedly reveals to us on this following video that Amy Grant could be among other christian rock music artists who are saluting Satan during their performances.   If you have listened to Amy Grant's music, possibly you think she is just blending in with the times among other contemporary christian music artists.  However, it does not look right even if she claims it is innocent.   Although, we are not saying Amy Grant is a Satan worshiper, we are clearly saying what she is doing on this following video, is not something that should be shown while representing God's music.   This hand sign she does is similar to Anton Lavey, former deceased founder and leader of the Church of Satan.

Where are all the true ministers of Jesus Christ who are suppose to have a meeting with Amy Grant about her similar hand signs to Anton Lavey?  They need to know what she has been doing in her performances.  Has it been corna hand signs or just saying "I Love You?"   If it is "I Love You", possibly they could encourage her to just simply lift her hands to Jesus Christ, so Christians will not be confused any longer.  Too many of our christian youth are already confused at such a young age, this should be not be accepted as christian music, because if they start following what they see Amy Grant doing on stage at her christian music concerts, then unknowingly they will also be doing the same as Anton Lavey, holding up the Corna hand sign as a salute to Satan.

In the 21st century, we desire for ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to preach against what does not look right among christian rock (and hip hop gospel)  music artists.   We desire for today's ministers who are making a lot of money by allowing these christian rock concerts to be performed in their sanctuaries to go back to God's way of preaching against such wickedness.   God expects for today's ministers who have prospered for over the last 20 years from their contemporary style of having church to return to His way of true worship and not hypocrisy.   

Before you watch these videos, you will see this should not be excused or ignored among the body of Christ.   We do not know if this video is revealing that Amy Grant is a Satan worshiper and passing along her gratitude to Satan through her performances, but we agree it does not look holy and righteous.   Just like we have forewarned you about the hypocrisy among hip hop gospel artists who have allegedly sold their souls to Satan by collaborating with secular artists and revealing demonic performances, it is the same with christian rock artists.   As a true born again Christian, you must be very careful who you listen to and who you allow your children to listen to and possibly many christian rock music you should not support.  

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