Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fred Hammond to Release Love Songs Album (Not For the Gospel Audience)

Singer Fred Hammond's Upcoming Love Song Album Inspired By Book of Song of Solomon
The new 'love song' album from Fred Hammond will release soon for those Christians that think its alright to mix gospel music and love songs together. We know that some Christians have no problem with this because we are beginning to hear those who make 'gospel and love song' mix tapes? What? Yes, this is where we are.
God, Love and Romance, slated to release Jan. 31, gives an honest perspective on love and marriage. Hammond says more Christians should explore this topic when singing, preaching or teaching. 
"One of the things that I scratch my head over is why do we go to Psalms and Proverbs, skip over [Song of Solomon], and go to Ecclesiastes?" he said in a YouTube interview. "We act like it doesn't exist, but God thought it was important enough to say it." 
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