Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can The Black Church Stop The Curse of The Gospel Music Industry's Alleged Connection With The Satanic Illuminati?

Now that the black church has yielded to the worldly ways of secularized gospel music, the anointing has ceased most of their ministries, completely.  Therefore, the pastors who are over these churches are not blessed to rebuke the curse of the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati.   God can only remove it, if each and every gospel artist, gospel producer and gospel promoter repents for their collaboration with secular artists who have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.   God wants each and every lost soul to surrender to Him and cease their wickedness. Many of the gospel artists of today are bound by Satanic influences, because they have chosen to idolize the gospel music industry, instead of completely surrendering to God.   Overall, the black church has no power to rebuke the curse of alleged Satanism, because the black church has also allegedly idolized these gospel artists who are not holy.  How could this be?  Simply, because the average pastor does not preach holiness and righteousness, they have taught false doctrine that makes it okay to bargain with God.

Gospel artists are in more trouble with God than they have ever been and it is such a shame most black churches fail to see it.   Pastors who allegedly use these gospel artists to attract the youth to their ministries have not preached deliverance, but mostly preached false doctrine.   The black church is in just as much trouble with God as these gospel artists, because Jesus Christ has been used as though he is a product as Bishop T. D. Jakes allegedly claimed it was so.   Let us assure you, Jesus Christ is not to be sold not through music and not through His Word, but Jesus Christ gives salvation for free.   However, the false doctrine has been preached otherwise and therefore, the curse that has dominated the alleged evil connection of the gospel music industry with Satanism will deceive many souls into thinking they are okay with God.   Because the pastor of black churches refuse to preach righteousness, God has turned many of them over to a reprobated minds and many who attend these ministries do not even know they are also in danger.

There has been alleged reports of gospel artists who are connected to the Satanic Illuminati.   It is shown through their attire.  Now, this is why we say it does matter what a saint wears, because these particular gospel artists regularly wear certain colors to represent their connection as a discreet Devil worshiper.   Many of them wear red and black with satanic symbols that represent their love for Satan.  Yet most black churches invite these artists to their churches to supposedly win the young folks, but they have no knowledge of such deception.   Today's modern age preachers preach it does not matter what you wear while not acknowledging we are living in an age where gospel artists are wearing certain clothes that reveal certain codes of their connection to satanism.   God is not pleased with the ignorance in the black church and He wants these ministers to stop collaborating with other ministers who refuse to be aware of such satanic practices in gospel music, which no longer belongs in the church.   Secondly, these gospel artists are upholding the baphomet sign, which is the corna hand signal, which is not saying "I love you" according the the late Anton Lavey, the founder of the church of Satan.   Whenever you see a gospel artist uphold a sign that is similar to the above photo, it is indeed alleged satanism and it does not belong in God's music.   Also, there are other satanic hand signs these gospel artists are doing while following everything their friends are doing in the secular industry.   Thirdly, these gospel artists are getting so bold, they do not think it is necessary to be different than the world, these are hypocrites, they are not in the gospel music industry to spread the message of Jesus Christ, but out to deceive souls for Satan.  These gospel artists have verbally claimed you do not need to be holy to be saved and that is false doctrine.   The Bible told us this, "Be Ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16)."  The average black church is so lost, they sell these particular gospel artists' music in their bookstores and will even allow them to have concerts at their churches.   These are the three main reasons why the black church is not capable to remove the curse from the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati, it is so clear and simple, they have no anointing to acknowledge what is going on, is pure evil in the eyes of God.

The average pastor wants to be liked and accepted, not an outcast for standing up for pure holiness.   They do not want to experience persecution by the church, because they have been fooled into believing they are not loving people, if they do not accept their sinful behaviors.   Many black churches who are deceived into believing the average gospel artist belongs to Jesus Christ are spiritually blind and are bound by a curse themselves.  These pastors teach as motivational speakers, but they are not anointed to preach as true messengers of Jesus Christ.  They are just as deceived as gay affirming ministers who preach the false doctrine against God's Word.

photo courtesy: abz2000.com
photo courtesy: atoast2wealth.com


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