Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rev. James Moore Vulnerability To The Gospel Music Industry

Although, we deeply love the late Rev. James Moore and saddened by his death, we must be very honest regarding him giving into the wickedness of the gospel music industry before he died.   Now, the late Rev. James Moore was a very gifted man of God and gospel artist, but he failed to live by what he always taught when he got sick; this is what made his fans very upset.   Rev. James Moore and his good friend and gospel pioneer, the late Frank Williams was against worldly music blending into gospel music and often publicly opposed it in their gospel concerts and sermons.  After Frank Williams died we knew Rev. James Moore would not hold onto he and Frank's moralistic values, because possibly he feared the evil giants in the gospel music industry who were more eager to make money than to save souls.    

Who are the evil giants we are speaking of?   Allegedly, we are speaking of Dr. Bobby Jones and all of his followers such as Rev. Al Hobbs and a host of other gospel artists who knew the late Rev. James Moore and opposed him when he encouraged them to remain holy.    Many times when you are a strong person, you will be tried and tested by those who do not want to be rebuked from their own wickedness.  The Rev. James Moore used to speak out against the gospel music artists like the Winans brothers who would perform and allow women to throw up their panties as they performed on stage at their gospel concerts.   Rev. James Moore was very angry and he once preached at an Oakland holiness church denouncing all gospel music artists who were giving into the wicked ways of the secular music industry.    As long as he preached it, many would listen and his opinions positively effected the church people who listened and agreed with his powerful sermons.    However, when sickness over took Rev. James Moore for the second time, after losing his sight once more to diabetes, it seemed as though he wanted to be more accepted by those in the gospel music industry who ignored his previous viewpoint, regarding gospel artists remaining holy and righteous while making music and during their performances.   Although, we were not surprised the late Rev. James Moore appeared similarly dressed to Biggie Smalls on his last album and a hip hop style was added to his music, we were very surprised he gave into the wickedness of the gospel music industry before he died.   Those of you who remember the late Rev. James Moore as a preacher can recall how he strictly separated himself from the gospel music artists who disobeyed God by choosing to bridge the gap as though they are winning the youth.   The truth is, the youth is no more saved today than those in prior years, the only difference is, we understood what was holy and was was unholy.   The youth back in the age of real gospel music feared God, but today there is no fear, because those who are supposed to be mature who are ministers and leaders of the gospel music industry do not fear God.   We understood we could not allow the ways of the world into church music and we all understood God would not appreciate or even condone the adults not being leaders but rather resent them being followers of this bubble gum gospel that is only making an impact for fame and fortune.   The youth in the age when Rev. James Moore used to preach against the secular music industry dominating the gospel music industry realized they had to submit to authority and be holy and righteous, not rebelling as though they were in authority to manipulate grown-ups who were suppose to be mature enough to ignore their evil demands to bridge the gap.

In a prior article, we have already mentioned our response to G. Craig Lewis who says it is okay for the church to condone christian rap and not hip hop gospel.  We do not agree with either genre in God's music.  So, in response to Lewis, we revealed a prior video of the late Frank Williams giving his response to the youth in the church, 'Why We Don't Rap' and he and the Mississippi Mass Choir simply sang, 'Amazing Grace'.   To make it more plain, Frank Williams showed the gospel music industry and the youth, as a mature adult, he was in authority, because God gave him that position and the youth should have always been in position to obey the morals and values he stood by.  Therefore, this shows we have been living in a wicked age of the church giving so much authority to the youth, there are no guidelines, borders and boundaries, according to God's Word.   Money made through the hip hop gospel music industry has been more important to the leaders of the black church and keeping up with the white church that allowed the rock music industry to bridge the gap, which also weakened their leadership among adults who were supposed to insist on holiness and righteousness among their followers of all ages.

Although, Rev. James Moore yielded to the wickedness of the gospel music industry, we will now present a song recorded by he and the Mississippi Mass Choir, 'Let Us Go Back To Church', but before we do we just want to remind you that this issue is very serious.   God never wanted the church to gain money by luring young people by appearing like secular artists just so they could gain fame and fortune not ordained by God.   Remember, this song by James Moore was recorded before he became vulnerable during his sickness to the gospel music industry that wanted to manipulate him, so they would no longer feel guilty by what they were doing and that was collaborating with the secular msuic industry to make the money they never made before in the history of gospel music.   Although, James Moore will forever be missed, we are sure God loved him best and did not want him to continue being manipulated by those in the gospel music industry that used his illness to empower themselves to bridge the gap.  God knew Rev. James Moore felt too weak to preach against those who were misusing and abusing the gospel music industry and could no longer endure the pain of being taken advantage of.   

May Rev. James Moore rest in peace.

Please enjoy Rev. James Moore, 'Let Us Go Back To Church'


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