Friday, October 28, 2011

Video: Can God Heal Gospel Legend Andrae Crouch for Another Time?

Our heart sank when we watched Pastor Andrae Crouch several months after he and his twin Sandra appeared on an TBN interview with Donnie McClurkin. Remember, we did a previous post that informed you how concerned we were when Sandra did not stand up for speaking the truth about gospel music not being holy.   Andrae had nudged for her to speak on the subject when asked by Pastor McClurkin what could be done better in the gospel music industry, possibly because he was not feeling well.   The miracle was when Andrae mentioned how God healed him of cancer, 4 times.   It was amazing to hear such good news.   However, when we saw him on a You Tube video speaking, we were stunned of his ill appearance.   

We believe God can permanently heal Pastor Andrae Crouch, not because he is a gospel legend, but because he is a child of God. God has done it before and He can do it, again.   We send our prayers to he and his twin, Sandra.  After losing Bishop Walter Hawkins last year, we now see that his dear friend looks very ill this year and we would not want to lose another gospel legend; however, we do not look to hear any bad news about Andrae Crouch.   We not only pray for God to heal Pastor Crouch, but we are praying for a complete revival in gospel industry.  God wants a complete spiritual transformation within the gospel music industry.   This is why it is so very important for the gospel music artists to full yield and submit to God's expectations, so we can see miracles performed through God's power.

May God bless Pastor Andrae Crouch and let us hold him up in prayer together, including his twin Co-Pastor Sandra Crouch.  You can now watch this following video as we see Pastor Andrae Crouch, now.  God bless all of our readers.

Watch Video of Pastor Andrae Crouch

Now listen to Pastor Andrae Crouch sing his song, "The Promise"

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