Sunday, October 30, 2011

Repent Gospel Artists: Can Modern Day Gospel Artists Really Give Advice to The Church?

Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark Cole- Gospel Singers 
We have been discussing in our meetings that we  really need to speak more on gospel artists who are really not showing a difference in the church from what's going on in the world. It never ceases to amaze us how gospel artists think they are ministering to the church and young people but how are they showing a difference between how they perform and how secular artists perform? These days- you really can't find many gospel artists doing it the right way.

Well, before we go into that we just want to ask a question: Can a gospel artist really give advice on how people should dress in the church these days? We ask this question because apparently gospel artists Karen Clark Sheard and sister Dorinda Clark Cole feel they have the expertise to do so. Now, we'll give them credit for singing gospel music since they were young children but oh how things have changed.

On the first video below, both sisters are being asked to address how women should dress in the church. They both covered the areas of women covering themselves more and wearing "spanks" and girdles namely in front of Karen's husband, Bishop Sheard.

But we find an issue with them making any statements about how the church should dress. We do agree with their statements but if they do worldly dances and "crunk" in their performances, can they really speak and be effectively heard?

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