Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pastor Shirley Caesar Gives Prophesy to Mo'Nique Though See Supports Gay Rights and Marriage Equality

shirley Caesar
We found this video of gospel great and legend Shirley Caesar speaking on The Mo'Nique Show last year. It was interesting to see how Shirley Caesar stated that Mo'Nique had a 'calling' on her life and jokingly said she should preach. We were shocked she could say such a thing; we really wondered where is she getting this kind of word for a woman who publicly admits she and her husband have a open marriage; a woman who has a foul mouth and will blasphemy Jesus on her show at any given time. We have even seen clips of 'Mo'nique' making mockery of gospel artists or anyone who says they are Christian, in some way to challenge their faith.

To date, Mo'Nique is not only proud of being in a open marriage with her husband Sidney Hicks but now she supports marriage equality. Apparently, news reports stated last week that:
Mo'Nique is along time supporter of gay rights has lent her image and clout to the Human Rights Campaign’s new initiative, Americans for Marriage Equality. In a clip, Mo’Nique declares, “Gay and lesbian couples believe in commitment, family and love. All that’s being asked for is the right to marry. It’s the right thing to do.”
In a previous interview with The Advocate, Mo’Nique spoke out on the black church and hypocrisy:
“You’re telling people to love life, but you’re telling them to live a lie. If we’re given these platforms and we are truly vessels of God or the universe — the God that you think you’re representing — that gay person is his child as well. You’re telling his child, ‘You’re going to hell.’ I don’t think God is appreciating how we continue to separate his children..."

Read full article and see video of Pastor Shirley Caesar laying hands on Mo'Nique HERE


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