Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Song By Le'Andria Johnson: Is It a Love Song to God Or a Lover?

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this video along to us. It's a song from gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson's new album, "The Awakening of Le'Andria Johnson" called "Make Him Like You". Well, we were a bit leery to view it only because we felt its probably secularized being produced on Matthew Knowles music label "Music World Gospel".

As we listened to the song we quickly recognized the slow secular tempo but the words told a story of how she is missing her lover (and addresses him as 'baby') as she holds her pillow tight while he's away. She is desiring a mate that is like God and asks God to "make him like you".

Well, this is all fine if it was just a secular love song but its a gospel song on a gospel album.  She sings to this slow tempo that feels and sounds like a love song but calls out to God at the same time to try and convince the listener 'I'm speaking to God'.

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