Monday, October 31, 2011

Have You Heard This Sermon By Bishop Walter L. Hawkins of Love Center Church?

Dear readers of Repent Gospel Artists blog, we just wanted to know if you ever heard the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr. preach?   Remember what we said in a prior article, there is gifts and calling without repentance (Romans 11:29)?   This means that although Bishop Walter Hawkins' church was allegedly known in the Oakland Bay Area for being gay affirming and included members like the late drag queen, Sylvester, he was blessed with an anointed gift.  Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr. was also a dynamic preacher, not just a born gospel singer and composer.   So, we thought we would share this dedication to this legendary gospel artist and bishop.  Although, Love Center Ministries allegedly affirmed homosexuality and a few of the board members were originally dismissed for being homosexuals by his son, Jamie Hawkins who voluntarily resigned as pastor of the church, Bishop Walter Hawkins had a special gift to encourage and bless others when he was alive.   The point we are trying to make is this, many of these gospel artists were not blessed to preach like him, although he made wrong choices in his ministry at one point.

On this following video, Bishop Walter Hawkins spoke about not having a pity party and encouraging yourself in the Lord.  He spoke about how we can trust God, because He knows everything we go through, no matter how bad it may seem.   This video really revealed Bishop Walter Hawkins was anointed to preach and we pray he is in the hands of Jesus Christ.   Yes, we often tell you how gospel artists should repent and not be involve with sin, but we also are concerned with those who are calling themselves ministers and not often are they blessed with such a gift like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr.   They just have a title and supplement their income to add to the funds they already receive from their gospel concerts and CD's and we deeply feel this was not the case with Bishop Walter Hawkins.   We feel at some point in his life he had a personal weakness like a lot of people, but he certainly was blessed with a gift to preach God's Word.  So just listen a be encouraged and enjoy.  

May Bishop Walter L. Hawkins rest in peace.


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