Friday, October 14, 2011

God's Wrath on Ministers For Condoning Carnality Among The Gospel Music Industry

Ladies and gentlemen, on this specific blog, time and time again, we have forewarned those who are supposed to be a part of the body of Christ, especially those who are in leadership to preach against sin and carnality.   Although, the late Rev. James Cleveland was known for his discreet homosexual affairs, the gospel music industry has extremely rebelled after his death.   The gospel music industry has went into a world of satanic forces and collaborating with music artists who are Devil worshipers, those who have sold their souls to Satan for fame and fortune.    Those are supposed to be ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ has condoned whatever decisions have been made by head of the gospel music industry like Bobby Jones and Rev. Al Hobbs.   Because they have been completely silent about their misconduct in allowing worldly affairs within God's music, God is going to send his wrath on them and the gospel music industry and it won't be very long.

There are certain ministers like Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop T. D. Jakes and others who have made a pact with the Devil to gain the same fame and fortune as these gospel artists and God is very angry.   It is time for the church to wake up and stop supporting these gospel artists and ministers who do not rebuke, because they have not been winning souls for Jesus Christ with his music, instead they have reformed God's music and yielded to the ways of Satan.   They are no longer borders, boundaries and guidelines, what today's church call tradition.   If you are truly God's child, you would have no problem with borders, boundaries and guidelines, because God wants us to be holy and righteous, not making away for Satan to come in and control the production and promotion of gospel music.   We saw this demon of carnality stepping into the gospel music industry back in the mid 1980's when the Winans family stepped in and started modernizing the sound of gospel music into an easy listening style, which excluded the anointing breaking yokes and saving many souls from strong demonic forces of witchcraft, homosexuality, fornication, adultery or whatever was haunting gospel music lovers, they could no longer feel the Holy Ghost moving through their spirits.   This was the beginning of the destruction of gospel music.    Satan took so much control, he controlled these composers and producers to listen to those who were in the satanic world to only promote music that was going to sell, not deliver people from sin.  Therefore, we got the hip-hop and rock bringing in a lot of money, but not enough souls who are willing to be sanctified and abstain from sin.

Because today's ministers are so caught up on lust along with gaining fame and fortune, they are not spiritually programmed or even capable to preach against what is unholy.   Allegedly, Bishop T. D. Jakes once said Mary Mary was spoiling him, we took that as he was lustfully bound and gratified by their similar ways to worldly women who perform for the Devil.   Mary Mary has a lot in common with artists like Beyonce and this is why we were not surprised to hear their fans so upset by them attending her concert and now desiring to make music with Beyonce.   Where are the preachers?   Why aren't they dropping their greed for money and fame and seeking souls?   Why aren't they leading the gospel music industry how God would desire for them to?   Why aren't they preaching against gospel artists collaborating  with these satanic worldly artists?   

You see the photo above, it's Bishop T. D. Jakes he has two heads wobbling back and forth, because he is so controlled by greed for fame and fortune along with satanic perpetrating gospel artists like Mary Mary.   Then, Bishop Eddie Long is up in the corner snapping pictures of himself for the young men who eventually sued him in court for alleged child molestation.    Therefore, no matter how these ministers are quiet about the carnality within the gospel music industry so they will get their millions of dollars like the gospel artists, their selfishness with our most high God is going to catch up with them, because He is very angry.   Many of these ministers will eventually face judgement and receive God's wrath for not being obedient to preach what is right and what is wrong.   The memory of disobeying God's Word when He instructed for each and every last one of us to be holy will be a reminder in the minds of these ministers.   He will remind them when they allowed seductive women to perpetrate while supposedly singing songs meant only for His Kingdom and for His glory, not for idolatry.

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