Monday, October 17, 2011

God's Wrath Is Coming To Ministers For Allowing The Demonic Spirit of Jezebel Among Gospel Music Artists

The Bible says in Revelation 2:20, 'Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols'.   That particular scripture does not just apply to women who seduce men in the pulpit, but it also refers to any sort of female minister who seduces God's servants through ministering through song.   As a gospel music artist, there should not be any similarities of seduction to make more money, which is very similar to prostitutes and strippers who entertain for money.   This scripture is not only for women, but also men can be possessed with demons of seduction to make a profit.  Kirk Franklin also fits this category, not just Mary Mary.  

The gospel artists of today are compared to prostitutes, strippers and thugs.   Every since gospel artists like Mary Mary and other female gospel artists have been allowed to show too much flesh and perform in a seductive fashion, the gospel music industry has not been the same.  There are no guidelines to how gospel artists should represent the Kingdom of God and it is offensive and indecent.  We see a lot of preachers who may know how to come up with a good sermon and make you feel good, but when it is time for praise and worship, they allow too many hips and bosoms to shake while people are acting like they are at a Prince concert.   These ministers will be held accountable for such misconduct in God's House, because that is not the place to mistake for a House party.   When God told us to be holy in I Peter 1:16, he meant for us to act and appear holy and not have disorder in His House.  When these so-call men and women of God preach, they only say what will give them the most tithes and offerings, not what God is wanting to speak to these lost souls who are possessed with a demon of rebellion.   The minister is suppose to have so much authority and those who adhere to the Word of God should be so ready to obey any instruction to speak holy, act holy and even dress holy.   The demon of Jezebel is lurking around to not only control the minds of married men to think lustful thoughts, but the demon of Jezebel is prepared to seduce wives into a lesbian spirit, which goes along with the gay affirming churches of today.

For some strange reason, many ministers are allowing the spirit of Jezebel to make money by promoting hip hop gospel and even christian rock music.  Ministers have been ignoring God's voice for too long.   God has commanded for ministers of the gospel not to allow Jezebel to have any authority in God's House.   Ministers are in charge to give precise instructions on being holy.  Therefore, the gospel artists who are idolized and not corrected by ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ for not following the scriptures will have to face judgement.   Because God never made it okay in His Word for those who minister in song to manipulate the atmosphere to captivate the attention away from glorifying Jesus Christ.   Ministers today seem to know the Word, but do not seem to fear God.   Furthermore, they only preach what people expect, so they can enjoy their suburban homes, luxury cars and extravagant vacations.   They invite these gospel music artists to their churches to make more money for them.   They share the wealth with these gospel artists through the hard earned money given through tithes and offerings.

The demon of Jezebel may spoil the lifestyle of many gospel artists, but what about when they have to face God on judgement day?   What is going to happened to the minister who was suppose to preach against unethical behavior in the gospel music industry, so he or she could afford the latest Bentley?   These ministers who fail to go out on the streets and tell homeless people and gang members that Jesus loves them, because they do not receive tithes and offerings from it.   Therefore, the demon of Jezebel has empowered them to believe God will approve of them excluding the poor and allowing worldly performances just as long as the gospel music industry mentions God at one time or another.   The demon of Jezebel will not be able to get these ministers and gospel artists out of hell and damnation, instead she will laugh in their faces, because she gave them the fine cars, fancy clothes and homes.  The demon of Jezebel will remind them that fame and fortune was more important to them than ministering in song.   Many marriages ended in divorce, all because husbands and even wives with demons of lesbianism idolized these gospel artists who appear similar to harlots and thugs, but definitely not holy.  They chose to adore gospel music artists who may seduce them, rather that adoring Jesus Christ.

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