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God's Message To Gospel Artists: 'Gospel Music Was Never Intended to Be An Industry, Only a Ministry

The failure of many preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the black church was to inform gospel music artists that gospel music was never intended to be an industry, but only a ministry.  That's right, the average church wants to make money from the gospel artists they may invite to perform, but God was never in favor of His music being in the form of any sort of lucrative operation.   God is not against prosperity, but His Word spoken through any sort of minister was never intended to supplement their income.  Gospel artists are ministers of the gospel, although they may not be a leader of any church.   Gospel artists minister through song and whether they receive money for their performances or not, is not important.   Gospel artists are suppose to perform for God only.  Allegedly, when Sallie Martin told Rev. James Cleveland you must treat gospel music like a business, she was in error (according to biographical source, Black Gospel).   

Throughout the years within the gospel music industry,  many gospel artists complained they were not getting paid enough for their performances, but what they did not realize was their music was only a ministry.   Therefore, because they have ceased the foundation of understanding what God desires though His music, they have fallen astray and allowed the evil ways of the world to dominate gospel music.   In today's gospel music industry, the average gospel artist is only performing to entertain, not to stir up souls into salvation, holiness and righteousness.  They are following everything their producers tell them to do and not obeying God, but ignoring His will for their lives.   This is why gospel music no longer sounds the same, gospel artists are not singing under the power of God, they are sounding and presenting themselves in a worldly fashion.   Money should have never been on the minds of gospel artists, but only to be blessed by a love offering, if they receive anything.

The name gospel music industry is not necessarily important to God, but only gospel music ministries moved by the power of God and allowing His anointing to bless people through real gospel music is very important to Him.   You see, there is a whole transformation that needs to take place in the 21st century and it is completely removing the name industry into ministry, but absolutely not for profit.   When the gospel music industry focused on profit and not on God, the less creative they were in their music.  This is why many songs are borrowed music from the secular industry, they copy tunes and even their dances are not anointed but only dance steps similar to secular artists.   They look and act like rock stars and hip hop artists, not just on stage, but also on televised interviews, their mannerisms are completely unholy.  This is why although we loved many gospel artists who have died in the last 20 years, they have now ceased the earth, because God was looking for someone to stand up and forewarn the gospel music industry they were in error.  God was looking for gospel music not to be compared with secular music, but only to glorify Him.

The gospel music industry is also a bad example for children, because many of them think God's music is all about amusement when it should be only about getting saved and living according to God's Word.   Children now know how to rap in to gospel lyrics and dance and bob their heads to the beat; but do they know how to read their Bibles on a daily basis?   Do they know how to witness to other kids on the playground?  Absolutely not, for the past 20 years or more, gospel music has been all about fun.   Now that we have a lot of children being turned out by the demon of homosexuality, the music they listen to, is not even strong enough to rebuke it.  

Gospel music concerts have been made into entertaining kids to make sure their parents buy tickets.  These tickets are sold to even grown-ups who have not spiritually grown-up, but they are worshiping hip hop gospel music, instead of God.  They go to these concerts to see their "idol" while dressed unholy and doing dances unpleasing to the eyes of God.   God's music was never intended to be confused with the entertainment industry, which makes gospel artists appear like celebrities in Hollywood who actually walk on the red carpet, but gospel artists have always been meant to be gifted artists only designed by God, not Dr. Bobby Jones. Mr. Matthew Knowles or any other big name who is responsible for making these gospel artists very wealthy.

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