Sunday, October 9, 2011

Can We Blame the Family of Gospel's Mahalia For Not Wanting Fantasia in Movie?

It is no surprise that the estate of gospel legend and great Mahalia Jackson no longer want the immature singer Fantasia Barrino in their movie portraying Mahalia. Let's be honest: Fantasia Barrino may have been brought up in the church but she is not displaying much of any Godly motives lately.

We knew something was wrong when she wasn't able to handle her finances and allegedly allowing others to take advantage of her and she nearly lost her homes. Also, on her reality show last year, "Fantasia For Real" the show was surrounded around her allowing her family to use her financially.

Then, the big news was about her relationship with Antwaun Cook, that she indefinitely denied from the beginning but later recanted her story. This young man was married allegedly, when he and Fantasia met. She admitted in court she aborted his child when his wife sued her for alienation of affection. Now, she's pregnant allegedly with his child.

It hasn't been a pretty picture for Fantasia Barrino since she won the American Idol contest.

So, really the family should have done more research on her before agreeing to make her the leading role. If they had done their homework, they'd know she had issues going on during her role with 'The Color Purple.'

But the surprise is they may be considering a even worse candidate which is rapper Missy Elliot.This could not be any better.

Read more details about if the movie will even move forward or not here.


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