Friday, October 7, 2011

Bishop Walter Hawkins vs. Kirk Franklin: What Do We Feel When We Listen Today's Gospel Music?

The late Bishop Walter Hawkins may have been known for teaching a false gospel of his gay affirming philosophy in the pulpit at the Love Center Church; however, he had a gift and was a very anointed gospel artist.   You may say how can he had been anointed if he taught it was okay to be a homosexual?   Bishop Walter Hawkins was wavering in his preaching.   There were times he would try to make it right with God and preach against homosexuality.  His church members would leave and even walked out during a revival in San Jose, California, allegedly.   Although, he was wavering in preaching, God still gave him a gift.    Walter Hawkins was a very gifted gospel artist and like the Bible says, 'For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.Therefore, God will never take away the gift he has given you, although your heart may not be right with Him.   This proves we serve a very fair and mighty God.

This is a lot of gospel artists back in the early years whom were homosexuals, but they had a special anointed gift that God gave them to sing gospel music the way, it should have always remained in the eyes of God, the sort that flows through your veins when you hear a gospel song or tune played on an instrument.   Bishop Walter Hawkins had a special gift that was so unique and you could feel God's presence whenever he sang a song or even when songs he had written was sung by his choir or even family members.    He was an extraordinary maestro and his sort of talent is absent within the gospel music industry, today.   We may have sort of nice artists in general, but nothing like Bishop Walter Hawkins or his peers: Edwin Hawkins, James Moore, James Cleveland (King of Gospel),  Dannibelle Hall, J. C. and Gloria White, Keith Pringle, Daryl Coley, Charles Fold and Singers, Louise Candy Davis, Frank Williams, The O'neal Twins and many others...  The anointing that broke many yokes among true believers within the body of Christ may have ceased for good.   When you listen to Kirk Franklin and other hip hop gospel artists, that special gift of God moving within you while listening to gospel music is dysfunctional within the soul.   

As a gospel artist there is no substance among many of them.   The root of gospel music comes from life challenges, experiences, hardships, not in the name of greed for fame and fortune.   Gospel artists who came from the era of the late Bishop Walter Hawkins sang from their own testimonies and their fans worshiped God, not them.   So, when we think about the gospel music industry today, singing for the Lord Jesus Christ has ceased the average gospel artist's performances and the substance of their music is from the depths of hell.   This would include not only Kirk Franklin, but many others who have accepted the oath from Satan and his demons: Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, Karen Clark Sheard and her children: Kierra and J. Drew, Canton Jones, Kim Burrell, Donald Lawrence, Hezakiah Walker, Vickie Winans... Therefore, if their entire performances have not been in the spirit of pure holiness they are along with these list of gospel artists.   Oh, they say it's the message, but there is no anointing, because as a gospel artist when you have a heart for fame and fortune instead of singing about the real message of Jesus Christ while appearing unholy as thugs and harlots and giving into to look like those who have sold their souls to the Devil, your gift to always be remembered as a legend like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins and his peers will never be.

No one had such an awesome gift like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.  They try to make Kirk Franklin the Savior for the youth, but Jesus is the only Savior for the youth and Bishop Walter Hawkins music attracted the many youth during his lifetime.

In conclusion, the gospel music industry of today is tainted.  May we make it more vivid? the gospel music industry of today is tainted with worldly corruption.   There has been collaboration among gospel artists who have struck deals with those who are Satanists and sing in the world and the message these gospel artist claim to be sharing with the world in only a message of wicked hypocrisy, not the message of Jesus Christ.

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