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Have You Heard This Sermon By Bishop Walter L. Hawkins of Love Center Church?

Dear readers of Repent Gospel Artists blog, we just wanted to know if you ever heard the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr. preach?   Remember what we said in a prior article, there is gifts and calling without repentance (Romans 11:29)?   This means that although Bishop Walter Hawkins' church was allegedly known in the Oakland Bay Area for being gay affirming and included members like the late drag queen, Sylvester, he was blessed with an anointed gift.  Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr. was also a dynamic preacher, not just a born gospel singer and composer.   So, we thought we would share this dedication to this legendary gospel artist and bishop.  Although, Love Center Ministries allegedly affirmed homosexuality and a few of the board members were originally dismissed for being homosexuals by his son, Jamie Hawkins who voluntarily resigned as pastor of the church, Bishop Walter Hawkins had a special gift to encourage and bless others when he was alive.   The point we are trying to make is this, many of these gospel artists were not blessed to preach like him, although he made wrong choices in his ministry at one point.

On this following video, Bishop Walter Hawkins spoke about not having a pity party and encouraging yourself in the Lord.  He spoke about how we can trust God, because He knows everything we go through, no matter how bad it may seem.   This video really revealed Bishop Walter Hawkins was anointed to preach and we pray he is in the hands of Jesus Christ.   Yes, we often tell you how gospel artists should repent and not be involve with sin, but we also are concerned with those who are calling themselves ministers and not often are they blessed with such a gift like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Sr.   They just have a title and supplement their income to add to the funds they already receive from their gospel concerts and CD's and we deeply feel this was not the case with Bishop Walter Hawkins.   We feel at some point in his life he had a personal weakness like a lot of people, but he certainly was blessed with a gift to preach God's Word.  So just listen a be encouraged and enjoy.  

May Bishop Walter L. Hawkins rest in peace.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Satanic Illuminati: Didn't Gospel Artist John P. Kee Allegedly Understand "Yes We Can"?

When you listen to John P. Kee's version of "Yes We Can", you have got to wonder as a man of God didn't he sense an alleged demonic spirit behind the words of the song?   Allegedly, when you back mask "Yes We Can", it repeats, "Thank you Satan".   Now, it is easy for anyone to not know, but when you are truly called by God, you will sense an evil spirit in anything that may come in your presence.  Why?   Because when you are a child of God, you know God's Word says to try and test every spirit to see if they are of God.  Pastor John P. Kee maybe a gospel music artist, but he is also a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  John P. Kee is a pastor, you can see his New Life Fellowship website here.  Now, at the end of this article, we want you to just listen to both of these videos and tell us what you think.

We assume a lot of gospel music artists who become pastors or evangelists forget they should discern each and every spirit before collaborating with secular artists or even re-composing their songs.   Gospel artists who become ministers forget, you are no longer just creating gospel songs for the Lord, but you should listen to the voice of God deep within your soul to choose what songs you will produce, even better just create your own songs, because there are alleged demonic spirits behind a lot of the music created by secular artists.  This song, "Yes We Can" was supposed to be in honor of President Barack Obama, but there is something allegedly wrong with the words of this song and when it was heard on this video, we assumed possibly, there is an alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati and this is why when you reverse it, it is, "Thank you Satan".   We are definitely not saying Pastor John P. Kee is a part of the Satanic Illuminati, but we are saying there was allegedly and possibly evil placed into the words when it was recorded.   This is why we tell these gospel artists to separate from the world like I John 2:15 instructed for us to do, because many secular artists are allegedly connected with the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati and they may not be saying words themselves, but when you back mask their recordings the Devil is controlling their music and words and in this case, the video reveals President Barack Obama's voice, allegedly.

Furthermore, we do not think Pastor John P. Kee should have done this song in our opinion,the words allegedly sounds to be possessed by Satan and his demons, according this video.   This was obviously to be expected if there is a secret connection to the Satanic Illuminati.  This lets us know that gospel music is no longer full of God's anointing, because these gospel artists get so desperate to make money and forget that when they collaborate with secular artists, God is no longer controlling their music.  As for gospel artist and Pastor John P. Kee, we pray that he is more careful with the songs he chooses to record, regardless of the cause.

"Yes We Can" by John P. Kee

Obama - Yes We Can

photo courtesy: New Life Fellowship

God's Message To Gospel Artists: 'Gospel Music Was Never Intended to Be An Industry, Only a Ministry

The failure of many preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the black church was to inform gospel music artists that gospel music was never intended to be an industry, but only a ministry.  That's right, the average church wants to make money from the gospel artists they may invite to perform, but God was never in favor of His music being in the form of any sort of lucrative operation.   God is not against prosperity, but His Word spoken through any sort of minister was never intended to supplement their income.  Gospel artists are ministers of the gospel, although they may not be a leader of any church.   Gospel artists minister through song and whether they receive money for their performances or not, is not important.   Gospel artists are suppose to perform for God only.  Allegedly, when Sallie Martin told Rev. James Cleveland you must treat gospel music like a business, she was in error (according to biographical source, Black Gospel).   

Throughout the years within the gospel music industry,  many gospel artists complained they were not getting paid enough for their performances, but what they did not realize was their music was only a ministry.   Therefore, because they have ceased the foundation of understanding what God desires though His music, they have fallen astray and allowed the evil ways of the world to dominate gospel music.   In today's gospel music industry, the average gospel artist is only performing to entertain, not to stir up souls into salvation, holiness and righteousness.  They are following everything their producers tell them to do and not obeying God, but ignoring His will for their lives.   This is why gospel music no longer sounds the same, gospel artists are not singing under the power of God, they are sounding and presenting themselves in a worldly fashion.   Money should have never been on the minds of gospel artists, but only to be blessed by a love offering, if they receive anything.

The name gospel music industry is not necessarily important to God, but only gospel music ministries moved by the power of God and allowing His anointing to bless people through real gospel music is very important to Him.   You see, there is a whole transformation that needs to take place in the 21st century and it is completely removing the name industry into ministry, but absolutely not for profit.   When the gospel music industry focused on profit and not on God, the less creative they were in their music.  This is why many songs are borrowed music from the secular industry, they copy tunes and even their dances are not anointed but only dance steps similar to secular artists.   They look and act like rock stars and hip hop artists, not just on stage, but also on televised interviews, their mannerisms are completely unholy.  This is why although we loved many gospel artists who have died in the last 20 years, they have now ceased the earth, because God was looking for someone to stand up and forewarn the gospel music industry they were in error.  God was looking for gospel music not to be compared with secular music, but only to glorify Him.

The gospel music industry is also a bad example for children, because many of them think God's music is all about amusement when it should be only about getting saved and living according to God's Word.   Children now know how to rap in to gospel lyrics and dance and bob their heads to the beat; but do they know how to read their Bibles on a daily basis?   Do they know how to witness to other kids on the playground?  Absolutely not, for the past 20 years or more, gospel music has been all about fun.   Now that we have a lot of children being turned out by the demon of homosexuality, the music they listen to, is not even strong enough to rebuke it.  

Gospel music concerts have been made into entertaining kids to make sure their parents buy tickets.  These tickets are sold to even grown-ups who have not spiritually grown-up, but they are worshiping hip hop gospel music, instead of God.  They go to these concerts to see their "idol" while dressed unholy and doing dances unpleasing to the eyes of God.   God's music was never intended to be confused with the entertainment industry, which makes gospel artists appear like celebrities in Hollywood who actually walk on the red carpet, but gospel artists have always been meant to be gifted artists only designed by God, not Dr. Bobby Jones. Mr. Matthew Knowles or any other big name who is responsible for making these gospel artists very wealthy.

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Pastor Shirley Caesar Gives Prophesy to Mo'Nique Though See Supports Gay Rights and Marriage Equality

shirley Caesar
We found this video of gospel great and legend Shirley Caesar speaking on The Mo'Nique Show last year. It was interesting to see how Shirley Caesar stated that Mo'Nique had a 'calling' on her life and jokingly said she should preach. We were shocked she could say such a thing; we really wondered where is she getting this kind of word for a woman who publicly admits she and her husband have a open marriage; a woman who has a foul mouth and will blasphemy Jesus on her show at any given time. We have even seen clips of 'Mo'nique' making mockery of gospel artists or anyone who says they are Christian, in some way to challenge their faith.

To date, Mo'Nique is not only proud of being in a open marriage with her husband Sidney Hicks but now she supports marriage equality. Apparently, news reports stated last week that:
Mo'Nique is along time supporter of gay rights has lent her image and clout to the Human Rights Campaign’s new initiative, Americans for Marriage Equality. In a clip, Mo’Nique declares, “Gay and lesbian couples believe in commitment, family and love. All that’s being asked for is the right to marry. It’s the right thing to do.”
In a previous interview with The Advocate, Mo’Nique spoke out on the black church and hypocrisy:
“You’re telling people to love life, but you’re telling them to live a lie. If we’re given these platforms and we are truly vessels of God or the universe — the God that you think you’re representing — that gay person is his child as well. You’re telling his child, ‘You’re going to hell.’ I don’t think God is appreciating how we continue to separate his children..."

Read full article and see video of Pastor Shirley Caesar laying hands on Mo'Nique HERE

Repent Gospel Artists: Can Modern Day Gospel Artists Really Give Advice to The Church?

Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark Cole- Gospel Singers 
We have been discussing in our meetings that we  really need to speak more on gospel artists who are really not showing a difference in the church from what's going on in the world. It never ceases to amaze us how gospel artists think they are ministering to the church and young people but how are they showing a difference between how they perform and how secular artists perform? These days- you really can't find many gospel artists doing it the right way.

Well, before we go into that we just want to ask a question: Can a gospel artist really give advice on how people should dress in the church these days? We ask this question because apparently gospel artists Karen Clark Sheard and sister Dorinda Clark Cole feel they have the expertise to do so. Now, we'll give them credit for singing gospel music since they were young children but oh how things have changed.

On the first video below, both sisters are being asked to address how women should dress in the church. They both covered the areas of women covering themselves more and wearing "spanks" and girdles namely in front of Karen's husband, Bishop Sheard.

But we find an issue with them making any statements about how the church should dress. We do agree with their statements but if they do worldly dances and "crunk" in their performances, can they really speak and be effectively heard?

Read full article HERE

Saturday, October 29, 2011

'Holy Hip Hop Has No Business in the Church' Says Secular Producer

We found a secular music producer who has more reverence of God and the sanctity of the house of God than most will admit. He says the message can't be interpreted over a banging hip hop beat. Producer Louis Rodgers says its sad and the church is losing credibility.

See for yourself how a secular producer rebukes holy hip hop in the church:

New Song By Le'Andria Johnson: Is It a Love Song to God Or a Lover?

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this video along to us. It's a song from gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson's new album, "The Awakening of Le'Andria Johnson" called "Make Him Like You". Well, we were a bit leery to view it only because we felt its probably secularized being produced on Matthew Knowles music label "Music World Gospel".

As we listened to the song we quickly recognized the slow secular tempo but the words told a story of how she is missing her lover (and addresses him as 'baby') as she holds her pillow tight while he's away. She is desiring a mate that is like God and asks God to "make him like you".

Well, this is all fine if it was just a secular love song but its a gospel song on a gospel album.  She sings to this slow tempo that feels and sounds like a love song but calls out to God at the same time to try and convince the listener 'I'm speaking to God'.

Read full article HERE

Is the Pastor The Blame For Attacks on Godly Men in the Church?

We have thought about this for some time now. When you think about how many of our churches, African American churches have allowed the enemy of homosexuality into the house of God, you have to wonder who is in charge. Well, it is very clear that many churches have issues like all churches do, but does the pastor have full control over what goes on in the church? We can't blame the pastor for everything that goes on in the church but when the minister of music is able to flaunt his effeminate self in front of the church, there is an issue.  When the choir is able to 'move and groove' while singing songs of Zion, there is an issue?  When the choir is singing songs that are less godly and more worldly in the church, there is an issue.

We could go on and on but we are sure many can see the problem we are having in the church. But don't take our word for it, check out what Pastor Matt Anderson has to say and he is truly not holding his tongue.


Singing Group Sounds of Blackness Are Back and In Full Bubblegum Gospel Form

Bubblegum Gospel 

I remember speaking on this about a month ago when I heard gospel, R&B, black spiritual group Sounds of Blackness announce they were coming back to the music scene after being absent for many years. When I was in high school, I was a huge fan of R&B music and Soul music. If many of you don't remember the genre Soul music, it was music made by artists who could sing with soul and from the soul like Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross to mention a few (sidebar).

Well, during the 1980's, a group came out and crossed over to the R&B, soul music stations called Sounds of Blackness. Back then, I was not a Christian and thought their music was different yet cool because it not only had an R&B and Afro-centric spiritual sound to it but it was inspirational. I never thought their music as gospel music because I knew better but for some reason their music was being played on my regular R&B stations in Oakland, Ca. Even then, I liked the music but knew something was wrong with it later being called gospel music. I knew that people in the church, at least in the late 1980's, did not 'move and groove' to this type of music. There were still borders and boundaries for the most part between church music and secular music.

Read full article here

Friday, October 28, 2011

Video: Can God Heal Gospel Legend Andrae Crouch for Another Time?

Our heart sank when we watched Pastor Andrae Crouch several months after he and his twin Sandra appeared on an TBN interview with Donnie McClurkin. Remember, we did a previous post that informed you how concerned we were when Sandra did not stand up for speaking the truth about gospel music not being holy.   Andrae had nudged for her to speak on the subject when asked by Pastor McClurkin what could be done better in the gospel music industry, possibly because he was not feeling well.   The miracle was when Andrae mentioned how God healed him of cancer, 4 times.   It was amazing to hear such good news.   However, when we saw him on a You Tube video speaking, we were stunned of his ill appearance.   

We believe God can permanently heal Pastor Andrae Crouch, not because he is a gospel legend, but because he is a child of God. God has done it before and He can do it, again.   We send our prayers to he and his twin, Sandra.  After losing Bishop Walter Hawkins last year, we now see that his dear friend looks very ill this year and we would not want to lose another gospel legend; however, we do not look to hear any bad news about Andrae Crouch.   We not only pray for God to heal Pastor Crouch, but we are praying for a complete revival in gospel industry.  God wants a complete spiritual transformation within the gospel music industry.   This is why it is so very important for the gospel music artists to full yield and submit to God's expectations, so we can see miracles performed through God's power.

May God bless Pastor Andrae Crouch and let us hold him up in prayer together, including his twin Co-Pastor Sandra Crouch.  You can now watch this following video as we see Pastor Andrae Crouch, now.  God bless all of our readers.

Watch Video of Pastor Andrae Crouch

Now listen to Pastor Andrae Crouch sing his song, "The Promise"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rev. James Moore Vulnerability To The Gospel Music Industry

Although, we deeply love the late Rev. James Moore and saddened by his death, we must be very honest regarding him giving into the wickedness of the gospel music industry before he died.   Now, the late Rev. James Moore was a very gifted man of God and gospel artist, but he failed to live by what he always taught when he got sick; this is what made his fans very upset.   Rev. James Moore and his good friend and gospel pioneer, the late Frank Williams was against worldly music blending into gospel music and often publicly opposed it in their gospel concerts and sermons.  After Frank Williams died we knew Rev. James Moore would not hold onto he and Frank's moralistic values, because possibly he feared the evil giants in the gospel music industry who were more eager to make money than to save souls.    

Who are the evil giants we are speaking of?   Allegedly, we are speaking of Dr. Bobby Jones and all of his followers such as Rev. Al Hobbs and a host of other gospel artists who knew the late Rev. James Moore and opposed him when he encouraged them to remain holy.    Many times when you are a strong person, you will be tried and tested by those who do not want to be rebuked from their own wickedness.  The Rev. James Moore used to speak out against the gospel music artists like the Winans brothers who would perform and allow women to throw up their panties as they performed on stage at their gospel concerts.   Rev. James Moore was very angry and he once preached at an Oakland holiness church denouncing all gospel music artists who were giving into the wicked ways of the secular music industry.    As long as he preached it, many would listen and his opinions positively effected the church people who listened and agreed with his powerful sermons.    However, when sickness over took Rev. James Moore for the second time, after losing his sight once more to diabetes, it seemed as though he wanted to be more accepted by those in the gospel music industry who ignored his previous viewpoint, regarding gospel artists remaining holy and righteous while making music and during their performances.   Although, we were not surprised the late Rev. James Moore appeared similarly dressed to Biggie Smalls on his last album and a hip hop style was added to his music, we were very surprised he gave into the wickedness of the gospel music industry before he died.   Those of you who remember the late Rev. James Moore as a preacher can recall how he strictly separated himself from the gospel music artists who disobeyed God by choosing to bridge the gap as though they are winning the youth.   The truth is, the youth is no more saved today than those in prior years, the only difference is, we understood what was holy and was was unholy.   The youth back in the age of real gospel music feared God, but today there is no fear, because those who are supposed to be mature who are ministers and leaders of the gospel music industry do not fear God.   We understood we could not allow the ways of the world into church music and we all understood God would not appreciate or even condone the adults not being leaders but rather resent them being followers of this bubble gum gospel that is only making an impact for fame and fortune.   The youth in the age when Rev. James Moore used to preach against the secular music industry dominating the gospel music industry realized they had to submit to authority and be holy and righteous, not rebelling as though they were in authority to manipulate grown-ups who were suppose to be mature enough to ignore their evil demands to bridge the gap.

In a prior article, we have already mentioned our response to G. Craig Lewis who says it is okay for the church to condone christian rap and not hip hop gospel.  We do not agree with either genre in God's music.  So, in response to Lewis, we revealed a prior video of the late Frank Williams giving his response to the youth in the church, 'Why We Don't Rap' and he and the Mississippi Mass Choir simply sang, 'Amazing Grace'.   To make it more plain, Frank Williams showed the gospel music industry and the youth, as a mature adult, he was in authority, because God gave him that position and the youth should have always been in position to obey the morals and values he stood by.  Therefore, this shows we have been living in a wicked age of the church giving so much authority to the youth, there are no guidelines, borders and boundaries, according to God's Word.   Money made through the hip hop gospel music industry has been more important to the leaders of the black church and keeping up with the white church that allowed the rock music industry to bridge the gap, which also weakened their leadership among adults who were supposed to insist on holiness and righteousness among their followers of all ages.

Although, Rev. James Moore yielded to the wickedness of the gospel music industry, we will now present a song recorded by he and the Mississippi Mass Choir, 'Let Us Go Back To Church', but before we do we just want to remind you that this issue is very serious.   God never wanted the church to gain money by luring young people by appearing like secular artists just so they could gain fame and fortune not ordained by God.   Remember, this song by James Moore was recorded before he became vulnerable during his sickness to the gospel music industry that wanted to manipulate him, so they would no longer feel guilty by what they were doing and that was collaborating with the secular msuic industry to make the money they never made before in the history of gospel music.   Although, James Moore will forever be missed, we are sure God loved him best and did not want him to continue being manipulated by those in the gospel music industry that used his illness to empower themselves to bridge the gap.  God knew Rev. James Moore felt too weak to preach against those who were misusing and abusing the gospel music industry and could no longer endure the pain of being taken advantage of.   

May Rev. James Moore rest in peace.

Please enjoy Rev. James Moore, 'Let Us Go Back To Church'

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gospel's Bebe and CeCe Winans Received Walk of Fame Hollywood Star

 Bebe and Cece Winans Walk of Fame Star 
Report from
BeBe and CeCe Winans will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, October 20.
They began singing professionally in 1982 as members of the PTL Singers.
The Walk of Fame star places BeBe and CeCe among gospel other gospel artists like Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland and Andrae Crouch who also have stars.
In 1981, Rev. James Cleveland was honored with as the first gospel recording artist to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will cement their star and consequently the duo’s contribution to music history into the honorable Walk of Fame on October 20 at 11:30 a.m. at 6126 Hollywood Blvd. The event is open to the public.
Its amazing that gospel artists were receiving Walk of Fame stars as far back as 1981. We wonder if they felt like they had "arrived" with the honor of the star?


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Substance of Real Gospel Music Long Gone, Now Matthew Knowles Wants to Destroy The Name

Now many of us may agree that because gospel music is no longer an anointed genre, there is no reason to keep it with the name, 'gospel.'   However, Matthew Knowles is the father of an alleged satanist, Beyonce and father in-law to Jay-z. Although, it has been allegedly mentioned, he no longer produces his daughter's music, there is still an ungodly connection to her music and other secular artists music, if you look on his site Music World.  First and foremost, we can not understand why gospel artists Bishop Lester Love, Leandria Johnson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and Micah Stampley would allegedly allow this man to produce them.   We cannot understand why those who proclaim to be saved and sanctified would allow Matthew Knowles to be a part of the gospel music industry as a producer.  This man has no knowledge regarding the purpose of gospel music.   He produced Destiny's Child and then his daughter Beyonce, which is very unholy and has absolutely nothing to do with God's Kingdom.   This is how much those who claim to be promoters of church music have gotten away from what it means to create real gospel music that is drawing and collaborating with the world, but not necessarily saving and delivering lost souls from hell and damnation.

Anyone who knows Matthew Knowles remembers he allegedly fathered a baby out of wedlock while married and then, another one supposedly and allegedly by another woman who claims she was asked to give the baby to Beyonce and Jay-z, according to an anonymous source.  Therefore this man does not have a track record of being righteous.  So how could these gospel artists be so desperate to allow this man to promote and produce their music and now plan to completely take away the name gospel from God's music?

Remember, although gospel music of today may be unholy and worldly, it does not excuse completely destroying the name to make more money.   God's music is about saving souls not necessarily making money.   The hearts who sing and play in the gospel music industry need to be satisfied if they do not make a penny, because God's music is about ministering to sinners and even those in the church who need to hear a Word from the Lord.   By allowing Matthew Knowles to dominate the gospel music industry is just like throwing God's anointing away to satisfy the Devil, because he already has Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Canton Jones, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Ki Ki Sheard and her mother and aunts, The Clark Sisters.   As soon as they crossed the line and started making deals to entertain the world according to Satan's expectancy, instead of God's authority, he knew he could manipulate the gospel music industry through Matthew Knowles, not just Bobby Jones.   You see, the Devil has agents who come from hell and speak to the wicked minds of these men who only have their focus on fame and fortune.   The red carpet was not enough, Satan wants to completely remove the name, so their will be no connection to being holy for Jesus Christ, it's so clear.   However, we agree, 'go on Mr. Matthew Knowles, because it sure does not seem like gospel music will ever be the same, since many gospel artists and their producers said yes to promoters who wanted to take away the anointing and the name Jesus out of their lyrics before you came along.'   We realize Matthew Knowles is not on God's team, he is only a business man and the gospel artists like  Bishop Lester Love, Leandria Johnson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and Micah Stampley seem to have the eyes on how much money he can help them make and how much fame compared to Beyonce they can experience.  

We forewarn you, Jesus is coming back and he is coming back for those who are completely holy and righteous, not those who are so eager to allow worldly men to come in and dominate God's music and His church.   God is looking at everything that is going on and if these people in the gospel music industry do not shape up, we are going to see destruction like never before.   The gospel music industry has gotten so far away from expressing God's anointing, they sing and appear like children of Satan.   When we noticed Yolanda Adams collaborating with Kanye West on the song, 'Jesus Walk'.   We realize through her alleged words of West taking her to a level of coolness, obviously being sanctified was not on her agenda.  We also realize Kanye West also allegedly claimed he sold his soul to the Devil on this following video.   So, are not surprised Satan is just finishing off his job through Matthew Knowles to completely wipe out God's anointing through His music by completely removing the name to match his destiny to snatch each every last one of these gospel artists into eternal hell and damnation.

Ministers Who Did Not Preach Against The Destruction of God's Music and All Gospel Artists Who Disobeyed These Following Scriptures Will Be Reminded on Judgement Day
  • 2 Cor. 6:14-Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

  • I Peter 1:16-Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

  • I John 2:15-Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

God's Wrath Is Coming To Ministers For Allowing The Demonic Spirit of Jezebel Among Gospel Music Artists

The Bible says in Revelation 2:20, 'Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols'.   That particular scripture does not just apply to women who seduce men in the pulpit, but it also refers to any sort of female minister who seduces God's servants through ministering through song.   As a gospel music artist, there should not be any similarities of seduction to make more money, which is very similar to prostitutes and strippers who entertain for money.   This scripture is not only for women, but also men can be possessed with demons of seduction to make a profit.  Kirk Franklin also fits this category, not just Mary Mary.  

The gospel artists of today are compared to prostitutes, strippers and thugs.   Every since gospel artists like Mary Mary and other female gospel artists have been allowed to show too much flesh and perform in a seductive fashion, the gospel music industry has not been the same.  There are no guidelines to how gospel artists should represent the Kingdom of God and it is offensive and indecent.  We see a lot of preachers who may know how to come up with a good sermon and make you feel good, but when it is time for praise and worship, they allow too many hips and bosoms to shake while people are acting like they are at a Prince concert.   These ministers will be held accountable for such misconduct in God's House, because that is not the place to mistake for a House party.   When God told us to be holy in I Peter 1:16, he meant for us to act and appear holy and not have disorder in His House.  When these so-call men and women of God preach, they only say what will give them the most tithes and offerings, not what God is wanting to speak to these lost souls who are possessed with a demon of rebellion.   The minister is suppose to have so much authority and those who adhere to the Word of God should be so ready to obey any instruction to speak holy, act holy and even dress holy.   The demon of Jezebel is lurking around to not only control the minds of married men to think lustful thoughts, but the demon of Jezebel is prepared to seduce wives into a lesbian spirit, which goes along with the gay affirming churches of today.

For some strange reason, many ministers are allowing the spirit of Jezebel to make money by promoting hip hop gospel and even christian rock music.  Ministers have been ignoring God's voice for too long.   God has commanded for ministers of the gospel not to allow Jezebel to have any authority in God's House.   Ministers are in charge to give precise instructions on being holy.  Therefore, the gospel artists who are idolized and not corrected by ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ for not following the scriptures will have to face judgement.   Because God never made it okay in His Word for those who minister in song to manipulate the atmosphere to captivate the attention away from glorifying Jesus Christ.   Ministers today seem to know the Word, but do not seem to fear God.   Furthermore, they only preach what people expect, so they can enjoy their suburban homes, luxury cars and extravagant vacations.   They invite these gospel music artists to their churches to make more money for them.   They share the wealth with these gospel artists through the hard earned money given through tithes and offerings.

The demon of Jezebel may spoil the lifestyle of many gospel artists, but what about when they have to face God on judgement day?   What is going to happened to the minister who was suppose to preach against unethical behavior in the gospel music industry, so he or she could afford the latest Bentley?   These ministers who fail to go out on the streets and tell homeless people and gang members that Jesus loves them, because they do not receive tithes and offerings from it.   Therefore, the demon of Jezebel has empowered them to believe God will approve of them excluding the poor and allowing worldly performances just as long as the gospel music industry mentions God at one time or another.   The demon of Jezebel will not be able to get these ministers and gospel artists out of hell and damnation, instead she will laugh in their faces, because she gave them the fine cars, fancy clothes and homes.  The demon of Jezebel will remind them that fame and fortune was more important to them than ministering in song.   Many marriages ended in divorce, all because husbands and even wives with demons of lesbianism idolized these gospel artists who appear similar to harlots and thugs, but definitely not holy.  They chose to adore gospel music artists who may seduce them, rather that adoring Jesus Christ.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

God's Wrath on Ministers For Condoning Carnality Among The Gospel Music Industry

Ladies and gentlemen, on this specific blog, time and time again, we have forewarned those who are supposed to be a part of the body of Christ, especially those who are in leadership to preach against sin and carnality.   Although, the late Rev. James Cleveland was known for his discreet homosexual affairs, the gospel music industry has extremely rebelled after his death.   The gospel music industry has went into a world of satanic forces and collaborating with music artists who are Devil worshipers, those who have sold their souls to Satan for fame and fortune.    Those are supposed to be ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ has condoned whatever decisions have been made by head of the gospel music industry like Bobby Jones and Rev. Al Hobbs.   Because they have been completely silent about their misconduct in allowing worldly affairs within God's music, God is going to send his wrath on them and the gospel music industry and it won't be very long.

There are certain ministers like Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop T. D. Jakes and others who have made a pact with the Devil to gain the same fame and fortune as these gospel artists and God is very angry.   It is time for the church to wake up and stop supporting these gospel artists and ministers who do not rebuke, because they have not been winning souls for Jesus Christ with his music, instead they have reformed God's music and yielded to the ways of Satan.   They are no longer borders, boundaries and guidelines, what today's church call tradition.   If you are truly God's child, you would have no problem with borders, boundaries and guidelines, because God wants us to be holy and righteous, not making away for Satan to come in and control the production and promotion of gospel music.   We saw this demon of carnality stepping into the gospel music industry back in the mid 1980's when the Winans family stepped in and started modernizing the sound of gospel music into an easy listening style, which excluded the anointing breaking yokes and saving many souls from strong demonic forces of witchcraft, homosexuality, fornication, adultery or whatever was haunting gospel music lovers, they could no longer feel the Holy Ghost moving through their spirits.   This was the beginning of the destruction of gospel music.    Satan took so much control, he controlled these composers and producers to listen to those who were in the satanic world to only promote music that was going to sell, not deliver people from sin.  Therefore, we got the hip-hop and rock bringing in a lot of money, but not enough souls who are willing to be sanctified and abstain from sin.

Because today's ministers are so caught up on lust along with gaining fame and fortune, they are not spiritually programmed or even capable to preach against what is unholy.   Allegedly, Bishop T. D. Jakes once said Mary Mary was spoiling him, we took that as he was lustfully bound and gratified by their similar ways to worldly women who perform for the Devil.   Mary Mary has a lot in common with artists like Beyonce and this is why we were not surprised to hear their fans so upset by them attending her concert and now desiring to make music with Beyonce.   Where are the preachers?   Why aren't they dropping their greed for money and fame and seeking souls?   Why aren't they leading the gospel music industry how God would desire for them to?   Why aren't they preaching against gospel artists collaborating  with these satanic worldly artists?   

You see the photo above, it's Bishop T. D. Jakes he has two heads wobbling back and forth, because he is so controlled by greed for fame and fortune along with satanic perpetrating gospel artists like Mary Mary.   Then, Bishop Eddie Long is up in the corner snapping pictures of himself for the young men who eventually sued him in court for alleged child molestation.    Therefore, no matter how these ministers are quiet about the carnality within the gospel music industry so they will get their millions of dollars like the gospel artists, their selfishness with our most high God is going to catch up with them, because He is very angry.   Many of these ministers will eventually face judgement and receive God's wrath for not being obedient to preach what is right and what is wrong.   The memory of disobeying God's Word when He instructed for each and every last one of us to be holy will be a reminder in the minds of these ministers.   He will remind them when they allowed seductive women to perpetrate while supposedly singing songs meant only for His Kingdom and for His glory, not for idolatry.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Edwin Hawkins Carries On Without Walter at Upcoming Summit: Is It All About God or Still Alleged Homosexuality?

Although, it somewhat hurts to bring this matter before the saints of God, we must do it, because the gospel music industry has not always pleased God.   Why did we decide to bring this matter up?   Simply, because Edwin Hawkins did not support his nephew Jamie Hawkins, the son of his brother (the late Bishop Walter Hawkins)  to pastor the Love Center Church as a righteous ministry, he proceeds to continue his Music and Arts Love Fellowship Conference as though nothing happened.  Get this, the same two board of trustee members who allegedly admitted to being homosexuals when questioned by Jamie Hawkins is also listed on Edwin Hawkins Conference website as fellowship pastors.  We do not recall them being listed before Jamie left Love Center Church.   So, we ask you saints of God, is this another matter to bring up in prayer?   Of course it is and we must continue to fast and pray.    It seems to us that Edwin refuses to give up his ways of homosexuality, after his brother's death while allowing these openly gay and lesbian pastors to be among ministers listed on his website.    Is this upcoming summit in 2012 about God or still all about alleged homosexuality dominating the gospel music industry?

Again in 2012,  Edwin Hawkins will be having his conference,  "Music & Arts Love Fellowship: The Summit" at this extravagant hotel in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo.   This will be the second year without the presence of the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.   It is very nice how we see him yet featuring Bishop Walter Hawkins as his co-host at this conference.   However, the main importance of this annual conference is how God feels.   Is God happy?   How many souls are getting saved and delivered through this conference?    Are souls letting go of sin of all sorts while learning about music?   The root of gospel music should have always been about saving souls, not for fame, fortune, condoning homosexuality, or idolatryor any other sort of sin.

According to William McCrary's blog,, Pastors Ronnie McFarland and Pastor Sandy Coleman are two of the Love Center ministers who both allegedly admitted to being homosexuals when Walter "Jamie" Hawkins questioned them at a board meeting, regarding their sinful lifestyle.

What is so sad about this situation, regarding the "alleged" old homosexual ways of the Hawkins family and  the Love Center Church is this, even when the subject of homosexuality was brought up through the late Bishop Walter Hawkins son, they were not willing to change and were defended by Edwin.    These alleged gay ministers of the Love Center Church should not be listed as Love Fellowship Pastors on Edwin's website, if he does not support homosexuality, but obviously he does, even after his brother did not survive his illness.    Dear faithful readers, God is a healer, but if we whom claim to love Him do not give up sin, He cannot heal us from any diseases, not indicating Bishop Walter Hawkins did not make it right with God.  However, certain ministers on Love Center's board did get saved from homosexuality, because Love Center has been a gay affirming church for many years and proceeds to be.  According to Unsung, this was the very reason why the late drag queen, Sylvester joined Love Center, to feel comfortable as a gay man.

So the question is simply this, for these alleged gay ministers listed as Love Fellowship pastors on Edwin Hawkins website, 'is it all about God or still alleged flaunting homosexuality?'  We do not think God is pleased, we know He definitely is not pleased with this old wickedness of the Hawkins family and the Love Center Church, homosexuality.   This is what God calls having a reprobated mind: nothing changes inside of a person's soul, even after someone dies, refusing to accept what is right, moral and holy in the eyes of God.   

What is the true meaning of gospel music?   Isn't it to bring lost souls to Christ?   Who can be saved if there is no such a thing as right or wrong?   The late Bishop Walter Hawkins possibly was too weak to debate on this issue before his death, but his board of trustees along with his brother should not carry on as though it is okay to be a homosexual in the church or the gospel music industry.   God is looking for change and change cannot occur if those who are making money through their concerts and conferences to just carry on their evil traditions.   There should be reformation in the souls of mankind and righteousness should be the theme of any Christian organization and those who affirm homosexuality should not be leaders in ministry.  

So let us read these following scriptures below that do not condone a gay or lesbian lifestyle:
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."
  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
    Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." 
Links of testimonies of people who visited hell on a tour with Jesus Christ.  There were homosexuals and other types of sinners burning in the lake of fire. Mary K. Baxter's testimony:
Seven Youths who went to hell:

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Source: Edwin Hawkins website 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Can We Blame the Family of Gospel's Mahalia For Not Wanting Fantasia in Movie?

It is no surprise that the estate of gospel legend and great Mahalia Jackson no longer want the immature singer Fantasia Barrino in their movie portraying Mahalia. Let's be honest: Fantasia Barrino may have been brought up in the church but she is not displaying much of any Godly motives lately.

We knew something was wrong when she wasn't able to handle her finances and allegedly allowing others to take advantage of her and she nearly lost her homes. Also, on her reality show last year, "Fantasia For Real" the show was surrounded around her allowing her family to use her financially.

Then, the big news was about her relationship with Antwaun Cook, that she indefinitely denied from the beginning but later recanted her story. This young man was married allegedly, when he and Fantasia met. She admitted in court she aborted his child when his wife sued her for alienation of affection. Now, she's pregnant allegedly with his child.

It hasn't been a pretty picture for Fantasia Barrino since she won the American Idol contest.

So, really the family should have done more research on her before agreeing to make her the leading role. If they had done their homework, they'd know she had issues going on during her role with 'The Color Purple.'

But the surprise is they may be considering a even worse candidate which is rapper Missy Elliot.This could not be any better.

Read more details about if the movie will even move forward or not here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bishop Walter Hawkins vs. Kirk Franklin: What Do We Feel When We Listen Today's Gospel Music?

The late Bishop Walter Hawkins may have been known for teaching a false gospel of his gay affirming philosophy in the pulpit at the Love Center Church; however, he had a gift and was a very anointed gospel artist.   You may say how can he had been anointed if he taught it was okay to be a homosexual?   Bishop Walter Hawkins was wavering in his preaching.   There were times he would try to make it right with God and preach against homosexuality.  His church members would leave and even walked out during a revival in San Jose, California, allegedly.   Although, he was wavering in preaching, God still gave him a gift.    Walter Hawkins was a very gifted gospel artist and like the Bible says, 'For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.Therefore, God will never take away the gift he has given you, although your heart may not be right with Him.   This proves we serve a very fair and mighty God.

This is a lot of gospel artists back in the early years whom were homosexuals, but they had a special anointed gift that God gave them to sing gospel music the way, it should have always remained in the eyes of God, the sort that flows through your veins when you hear a gospel song or tune played on an instrument.   Bishop Walter Hawkins had a special gift that was so unique and you could feel God's presence whenever he sang a song or even when songs he had written was sung by his choir or even family members.    He was an extraordinary maestro and his sort of talent is absent within the gospel music industry, today.   We may have sort of nice artists in general, but nothing like Bishop Walter Hawkins or his peers: Edwin Hawkins, James Moore, James Cleveland (King of Gospel),  Dannibelle Hall, J. C. and Gloria White, Keith Pringle, Daryl Coley, Charles Fold and Singers, Louise Candy Davis, Frank Williams, The O'neal Twins and many others...  The anointing that broke many yokes among true believers within the body of Christ may have ceased for good.   When you listen to Kirk Franklin and other hip hop gospel artists, that special gift of God moving within you while listening to gospel music is dysfunctional within the soul.   

As a gospel artist there is no substance among many of them.   The root of gospel music comes from life challenges, experiences, hardships, not in the name of greed for fame and fortune.   Gospel artists who came from the era of the late Bishop Walter Hawkins sang from their own testimonies and their fans worshiped God, not them.   So, when we think about the gospel music industry today, singing for the Lord Jesus Christ has ceased the average gospel artist's performances and the substance of their music is from the depths of hell.   This would include not only Kirk Franklin, but many others who have accepted the oath from Satan and his demons: Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, Karen Clark Sheard and her children: Kierra and J. Drew, Canton Jones, Kim Burrell, Donald Lawrence, Hezakiah Walker, Vickie Winans... Therefore, if their entire performances have not been in the spirit of pure holiness they are along with these list of gospel artists.   Oh, they say it's the message, but there is no anointing, because as a gospel artist when you have a heart for fame and fortune instead of singing about the real message of Jesus Christ while appearing unholy as thugs and harlots and giving into to look like those who have sold their souls to the Devil, your gift to always be remembered as a legend like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins and his peers will never be.

No one had such an awesome gift like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.  They try to make Kirk Franklin the Savior for the youth, but Jesus is the only Savior for the youth and Bishop Walter Hawkins music attracted the many youth during his lifetime.

In conclusion, the gospel music industry of today is tainted.  May we make it more vivid? the gospel music industry of today is tainted with worldly corruption.   There has been collaboration among gospel artists who have struck deals with those who are Satanists and sing in the world and the message these gospel artist claim to be sharing with the world in only a message of wicked hypocrisy, not the message of Jesus Christ.

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