Saturday, September 24, 2011

Would Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Sing "Jesus Walks" with Illuminati's Kanye West Now?

We took a look at the performance of Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" featuring Yolanda Adams. We really had not seen the performance they did on the BET Awards 2004 but heard about it. We thought we'd pose the question to you all: 'Would Yolanda Adams do 'Jesus Walks' with Kanye West now? 

This became of interest to us because so many of the hip hop artists and hip hop gospel artists collaborate so much now. When Kanye West came out with this song, he appeared to be making a statement that he could be one of the only rappers to mention Jesus' name throughout the song. Well, he appeared to be successful at doing it and we think that people really fell into a trance with Kanye West because of some of the political and religious annotations he used in his music then.
If you remember, in 2006 Kanye West publicly stated that "President Bush Hates Black People" to the world after Hurricane Katrina victims waited days for help and rescue efforts to arrive. Also, he sort of mimicked Tupac Shakur when he posed as Jesus on the cross as well. Though we think these hip hop artists are making statements to try and save their souls in a hip hop ghetto way, the world of riches and fame can deter them.

Now, Yolanda Adams has been singing gospel since she was a child. We remember she sang gospel the way people expected to hear it. It wasn't long before  Yolanda became gospel's golden child and broke into the new age gospel industry without a complaint from her fans. People loved her even if they felt something just wasn't right about singing with the gangster rappers like Bones, Thug and Harmony and namely hip hop's golden boy Kanye West.

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