Saturday, September 24, 2011

Question: What Happened to Holiness Among Descendants of the Apostolic Church?

Back in the early 1980's born again believers of the Apostolic church represented themselves in a holy fashion.   Apostolic preachers were more strict than the Church of God in Christ, at that time, and they preached strict holiness, nothing else.

Among Apostolic saints, they either identified themselves as "Jesus Only" or "Jesus Name".   The Apostolic preacher would preach against women wearing pants, makeup, jewelry or any loose sort of attire.  The Apostolic saints did not even believe in watching television.  You had to be baptized in Jesus Name, in order to be saved and a baptism pool could always be found in every Apostolic sanctuary.  

In the 21st century, the descendants of this denomination have ceased from the teachings of their forefathers.  Therefore, they have yielded to the ways of the world like any other denomination and you cannot tell them a part from ungodly people.   Our question is, what caused the descendants of the Apostolic faith to rebel and negatively influence other Christians.  Was money that important to cease from their foundation of being holy?

Here are some big names who have negatively influenced the church world and God is not pleased with their rebellion: Bishop T. D. Jakes, Tonex, Elder Cage _mother of psalmist, Byron Cage has been a minister at Bishop Eddie Long's Church for several years), Tye Tribett, just to name a few.

Bishop T. D. Jakes is a descendant of the Apostolic Church and appears to have sold his soul to the Devil, check out our latest article, regarding him caught on video throwing up Satanic hand gestures. 

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