Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Kirk Franklin No Longer the Face of Radical Gospel Music?

Singer Kirk Franklin appeared on Christian network Daystar TV with Joni Lamb Thursday. He spoke about his childhood and how he was abandoned by his parents, exposed to sex at an early age and being adopted by his 64 year old great aunt at age 4. He's revealing his life through a new book "Blueprint".

Though most of us know him by his outrageous musical style and in our opinion, one of the main individuals to come in and 'turn gospel out'. By setting a whole new 'alter-standard' in the black church and in gospel music, he contributed greatly to why some young people and the like claim salvation and not really know what it truly stands for.

In the interview, Kirk Franklin said he was saved at age 15 but his influences were not positive. In his present life, he seems to talk more about soul searching, being accountable and how his talent 'got him by' when he should have been sitting and listening. He even seems to admit to his part of influencing the lack of respect and growing rebellion in young people today. The only thing is he didn't give any solutions to how he would try and help those who may be lost.

He tells the story of how he met his wife and 7 years later was engaged to her. They both had children at younger ages.

The news revealed years ago that he escaped death when a backstage drop pushed him several feet into the ground on his head and he recovered several days while coming out of a coma.

Kirk Franklin has always used his talent in speaking and not just singing when trying to convince people he is genuine and true. We are not sure he pulled it off. He is now older and appears to speak like an adult and not an adolescent constantly wanting everyone's attention and approval.

Check out the video appearance of Kirk Franklin on Daystar here.



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