Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gospel's Vicki Winans: When The Church Can Apologize, Then the Church Can Heal All Wounds

It's really a wonderful thing when anyone can recognize what they do wrong in life. Whether it was their own issue or someone else: confessing to another person that you are truly sorry for any wrong you have caused, is honored by God.

This is what happened at Pastor Marvin L. Winans' 20 year reunion of his Perfecting Praise Choir in early 2010. On a video we just saw this weekend, we witnessed God move in Gospel artist and former wife of Pastor Marvin L. Winans', Vicki Winans. While viewing the video, we were tickled by the comical exchanges of jokes and laughter that she presented when she spoke on her memories of being a part of the praise choir 20 years ago. If you did not know just how humorous Vicki Winans really is, you have to check out some of her work. She's hilarious to say the least.

As she brought up memories of when they were married and how he said he was called to preach, she went on with her jokes until she finally laid them aside as if to try to get away from what she really wanted to say. Moments later, she surprises everyone with her tears and apologies.

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