Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gospel Music's The Whitfield Company: Still Representing Anointed Gospel Music

The legendary late Thomas Whitfield would be proud to know his gospel chorale is still representing gospel music under the powerful anointing of God.  These days, we no longer hear gospel artists singing gospel music and allowing the Lord to be glorified as they sing.   The Whitfield Company is the best we have heard in the 21st century and we have not heard anything come as close to them.
When we watched this video, we felt extremely blessed, for there was no sign of worldly entertainment, which took us back to the days of pure gospel music.   Thomas Whitfield was a spectacular maestro and he must have left his blessing on his entire gospel group, because they still had beautiful harmony as they sang, “Let Everything Praise Him” on this following video in September 2010.   They are truly an example of pure holiness as they lifted up the name of Jesus on this song.  The lead male singer, Scott Bar-Mansur still sounds the same as years ago, he has not lost his gift from God.  

Although, the original female singer Wendy was not present, Beverly Allen who led the song with Mansur did not do a bad job, she sang it really good.  The Whitfield Company would not sound so great without being under the direction of Minister Michael Fletcher.

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