Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Legendary Gospel Singer Jessy Dixon Dies at Age 73

Jessy Dixon, a singer and songwriter who introduced his energetic style of gospel music to wider audiences by serving as pop singer Paul Simon's opening act, died Monday. He was 73.

Miriam Dixon said her brother died Monday morning at his Chicago home. She said he had been sick but declined to provide additional details.

During a more than 50-year career, Dixon wrote songs for several popular singers, including jazz and rhythm and blues singer Randy Crawford. He later wrote songs performed by Cher, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole and Amy Grant.

But it was for his gospel singing – religious music that combined the rhythmic beat of blues, jazz and soul – that Dixon first gained attention. It was during an appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1972 with his Jessy Dixon Singers that Dixon first came to Simon's attention. For the next eight years, Dixon toured with the pop icon, collaborating on Simon's `Live Rhymin' Simon' and `Still Crazy' albums.

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Is Gospel Singer Le'Andria Johnson Getting Things Right?

We wanted to share this video with you because it reminds of what we wrote about Le'Andria Johnson before.

We stated how she won the Sunday Best competition last year; when she was videotaped confessing she had back slid into her old ways; performed at a gay and inclusive church event and now is singing under the label with Beyonce' father Matthew Knowles. That's a lot of ups and downs in her very short career. It kind of reminds us of how Fantasia won the American Idol and how her career had so many turbulent turns, we couldn't keep up. 

We are going to pray that LeAndria Johnson can truly stay on a straight path and not allow outside influences to keep her from praising God as she should.

Well,  she's moving forward and with a new single out "Jesus", she is back and singing strong. Many people are very respective to her and in the video below even Kirk Franklin prays for her covering in the anointing of her gift. Surprising to say the least coming from Mr. Hip Hop Gospel himself.

Check out the video below:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Gospel Singers Start Performing at Gay Weddings, Its a Scary Time

This post is from the archive of our sister site AT2W. We wanted to remind people of how damaging the act of performing for a gay wedding will affect our world overall:

We were just sent a link to this article and could not believe what we saw and read, regarding well-known gospel artist DeWayne's recent performance at a homosexual wedding.  We thank the anonymous individual for doing so.  This irritated our staff so much, we could not help but discuss this matter among us and did not hesitate once to post this article.  Not just because this was a lesbian wedding ceremony, but because God loves Mr. Woods so much, he healed him of HIV, a few years ago, that's very serious.  

God is not to be taken advantage of and will only give us so many chances, after proving himself as a loving God who heals all diseases and forgives all iniquities, once we repent and live our lives holy and pleasing in His sight.  Performing at a gay or lesbian wedding is not pleasing in God's sight because God does not support sexual relations between same sex partners, according to I Cor. 6: 9,10 that says: "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?   Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

When we read this article, we observed the two lesbian women at their wedding, one dressed butch and the other in a gown.   It does not matter how they try to make it right, it is not right unless one is a man and the other is a female.   Another scripture Leviticus 18:22, says this: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 

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Would Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Sing "Jesus Walks" with Illuminati's Kanye West Now?

We took a look at the performance of Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" featuring Yolanda Adams. We really had not seen the performance they did on the BET Awards 2004 but heard about it. We thought we'd pose the question to you all: 'Would Yolanda Adams do 'Jesus Walks' with Kanye West now? 

This became of interest to us because so many of the hip hop artists and hip hop gospel artists collaborate so much now. When Kanye West came out with this song, he appeared to be making a statement that he could be one of the only rappers to mention Jesus' name throughout the song. Well, he appeared to be successful at doing it and we think that people really fell into a trance with Kanye West because of some of the political and religious annotations he used in his music then.
If you remember, in 2006 Kanye West publicly stated that "President Bush Hates Black People" to the world after Hurricane Katrina victims waited days for help and rescue efforts to arrive. Also, he sort of mimicked Tupac Shakur when he posed as Jesus on the cross as well. Though we think these hip hop artists are making statements to try and save their souls in a hip hop ghetto way, the world of riches and fame can deter them.

Now, Yolanda Adams has been singing gospel since she was a child. We remember she sang gospel the way people expected to hear it. It wasn't long before  Yolanda became gospel's golden child and broke into the new age gospel industry without a complaint from her fans. People loved her even if they felt something just wasn't right about singing with the gangster rappers like Bones, Thug and Harmony and namely hip hop's golden boy Kanye West.

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What Happened at Oprah's Sunday Brunch with Gospel Artists and Hollywood Singers?

We remember in 2006 when we saw this video of Oprah Winfrey's gift to her Hollywood friends and buddies when the were invited to her mansion for Sunday weekend brunch she then recently bought in Southern California. The event was taped of course and sprinkled with all the class and style you could image from a billionaire's taste. The event was a weekend lavished with good catered food, beautiful flowers and decorations presented in the bountiful backyard of her estate.

While she invited many of her Hollywood friends like Tyler Perry, Sindey Poiter, Maya Angelou and many others, she also provided most of the entertainment from famous gospel artists like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Traimaine Hawkins, De'Netria "Aretha" Champ, their were many others in attendance that added to the spectaculars of the event.

Though we are not sure what intentions Oprah had at that time, did Hollywood or any of her guests and those watching  feel God on that day? We know Oprah has always known exactly what to do to draw a crowd around her at any given time for any brainstorming event she feels will give her approval, accolades, some bit of control for her favor, we are not sure she knew what she did on this day.

On the video, BeBe Winans sings and then like they do at church, he passed around the mic to all the singers that could add to the gospel favored event. By passing the mic to Dionne Warwick, Shirley Caesar, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Valerie Simpson and others, it gave the impression that God, as Oprah added, "showed up and showed out" feeling.

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Gospel Music's The Whitfield Company: Still Representing Anointed Gospel Music

The legendary late Thomas Whitfield would be proud to know his gospel chorale is still representing gospel music under the powerful anointing of God.  These days, we no longer hear gospel artists singing gospel music and allowing the Lord to be glorified as they sing.   The Whitfield Company is the best we have heard in the 21st century and we have not heard anything come as close to them.
When we watched this video, we felt extremely blessed, for there was no sign of worldly entertainment, which took us back to the days of pure gospel music.   Thomas Whitfield was a spectacular maestro and he must have left his blessing on his entire gospel group, because they still had beautiful harmony as they sang, “Let Everything Praise Him” on this following video in September 2010.   They are truly an example of pure holiness as they lifted up the name of Jesus on this song.  The lead male singer, Scott Bar-Mansur still sounds the same as years ago, he has not lost his gift from God.  

Although, the original female singer Wendy was not present, Beverly Allen who led the song with Mansur did not do a bad job, she sang it really good.  The Whitfield Company would not sound so great without being under the direction of Minister Michael Fletcher.

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Question: What Happened to Holiness Among Descendants of the Apostolic Church?

Back in the early 1980's born again believers of the Apostolic church represented themselves in a holy fashion.   Apostolic preachers were more strict than the Church of God in Christ, at that time, and they preached strict holiness, nothing else.

Among Apostolic saints, they either identified themselves as "Jesus Only" or "Jesus Name".   The Apostolic preacher would preach against women wearing pants, makeup, jewelry or any loose sort of attire.  The Apostolic saints did not even believe in watching television.  You had to be baptized in Jesus Name, in order to be saved and a baptism pool could always be found in every Apostolic sanctuary.  

In the 21st century, the descendants of this denomination have ceased from the teachings of their forefathers.  Therefore, they have yielded to the ways of the world like any other denomination and you cannot tell them a part from ungodly people.   Our question is, what caused the descendants of the Apostolic faith to rebel and negatively influence other Christians.  Was money that important to cease from their foundation of being holy?

Here are some big names who have negatively influenced the church world and God is not pleased with their rebellion: Bishop T. D. Jakes, Tonex, Elder Cage _mother of psalmist, Byron Cage has been a minister at Bishop Eddie Long's Church for several years), Tye Tribett, just to name a few.

Bishop T. D. Jakes is a descendant of the Apostolic Church and appears to have sold his soul to the Devil, check out our latest article, regarding him caught on video throwing up Satanic hand gestures. 

Read entire article at AT2W

Reformed Gay Pastor Donnie McClurkin Honored the Late Gay Bishop Walter Hawkins

Pastor Donnie McClurkin claims to be a changed man, but how changed is he to honor Bishop Walter Hawkins?  Just because he was in the same music industry, did he have to make a point to honor a man who taught is okay to be gay?  

The reason why certain people like lesbian pastor, Bishop Yvette Flunder has not taken Pastor McClurkin serious, is probably because he mutually honored Bishop Walter Hawkins, not just a celebration of his life among other gospel artists, but on Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Pastor Donnie McClurkin had an interview with Bishop Walter Hawkins entire family to honor him and his ministry.  It is not possible to preach it is wrong to be gay and then, give honor to a man that was not only the head of a gay affirming ministry, but performed same-sex marriages.

It never was cute for the black church to be hypocritical in the eyes of God.  If Donnie McClurkin opposes gay ministries why did he come in unity to honor this homosexual bishop? When we evaluated the series of his TBN show with the Hawkins family, we found it very interesting to watch how he spoke with this family who have been known for many years to flaunt homosexuality.  Yes, more than Bishop Walter Hawkins was suspected of being gay in this family, Edwin and a few other siblings and their cousin, Shirley Miller who calls herself married to Bishop Yvette Flunder, allegedly.   There was no shame and if you lived in the Bay Area during the reign of this Bishop, you would have witnessed their pride of recruiting bi-curious people into their ministry, including the late drag queen Sylvester was a member of the Love Center Church (see our prior article about Hawkins here).

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gospel's Vicki Winans: When The Church Can Apologize, Then the Church Can Heal All Wounds

It's really a wonderful thing when anyone can recognize what they do wrong in life. Whether it was their own issue or someone else: confessing to another person that you are truly sorry for any wrong you have caused, is honored by God.

This is what happened at Pastor Marvin L. Winans' 20 year reunion of his Perfecting Praise Choir in early 2010. On a video we just saw this weekend, we witnessed God move in Gospel artist and former wife of Pastor Marvin L. Winans', Vicki Winans. While viewing the video, we were tickled by the comical exchanges of jokes and laughter that she presented when she spoke on her memories of being a part of the praise choir 20 years ago. If you did not know just how humorous Vicki Winans really is, you have to check out some of her work. She's hilarious to say the least.

As she brought up memories of when they were married and how he said he was called to preach, she went on with her jokes until she finally laid them aside as if to try to get away from what she really wanted to say. Moments later, she surprises everyone with her tears and apologies.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Would Traditional Gospel Singers Support Radically Inclusive (Gay) Events?

We found some information on some gospel artists who have been performing at gay and inclusive events. If you don't know what inclusive means its a doctrine that accepts and allegedly loves everyone including those from the homosexual community which goes against Christianity and the holy bible. Though it covers many other things, we will speak on what we mentioned to make our point.

Apparently, some of the gospel artists from back in the day have been booked for events that were sponsored for gay or inclusive purposes. We don't know if they knew beforehand who hosted these events but they were featured on posters.

Now, the poster above (click to see) is a 7 day event organized by The Fellowship by lesbian pastor Bishop Yvette Flunder of City of Refuge  Church in San Francisco, Ca. It includes several events for the week of July 4- 10, 2011 honoring gay achievements but the first event was a Hero's and Mentors Luncheon where original member of The Caravans,  Inez Andrews was featured for their gospel entertainment.

Its been reported that the Caravans later became  an all lesbian gospel group founded by the late member Albertina Walker and Rev. James Cleveland. So there's no surprise that...

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Is Kirk Franklin No Longer the Face of Radical Gospel Music?

Singer Kirk Franklin appeared on Christian network Daystar TV with Joni Lamb Thursday. He spoke about his childhood and how he was abandoned by his parents, exposed to sex at an early age and being adopted by his 64 year old great aunt at age 4. He's revealing his life through a new book "Blueprint".

Though most of us know him by his outrageous musical style and in our opinion, one of the main individuals to come in and 'turn gospel out'. By setting a whole new 'alter-standard' in the black church and in gospel music, he contributed greatly to why some young people and the like claim salvation and not really know what it truly stands for.

In the interview, Kirk Franklin said he was saved at age 15 but his influences were not positive. In his present life, he seems to talk more about soul searching, being accountable and how his talent 'got him by' when he should have been sitting and listening. He even seems to admit to his part of influencing the lack of respect and growing rebellion in young people today. The only thing is he didn't give any solutions to how he would try and help those who may be lost.

He tells the story of how he met his wife and 7 years later was engaged to her. They both had children at younger ages.

The news revealed years ago that he escaped death when a backstage drop pushed him several feet into the ground on his head and he recovered several days while coming out of a coma.

Kirk Franklin has always used his talent in speaking and not just singing when trying to convince people he is genuine and true. We are not sure he pulled it off. He is now older and appears to speak like an adult and not an adolescent constantly wanting everyone's attention and approval.

Check out the video appearance of Kirk Franklin on Daystar here.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'Has Gospel Music Gone Too Far?" Said Kirk Franklin- Is it Still Relevant?

Kirk Franklin Said 'Has Gospel Music Gone Too Far?' Is it Still Relevant?

We were happy to receive this piece of information that not only addresses gospel music as we used to know it,  but Pastor Kevin Shell points out exactly why gospel music has changed to what he calls "One World Music".  The age old question, some may call it, from gospel singer Kirk Franklin was posed in his 1998 song "Stomp":
"For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far.
You think we got too radical for Christ.
Well I got news for you , you ain't heard nothin yet,
and if you don't know now you know. Glory, Glory!!" [Source]
Glory, Glory? As you can see, Kirk Franklin was more than ready to try and 'turn Gospel Music out'. Pastor Shell has shared his reasoning for why gospel music and world music have very little substance and how they not only intertwine but have become one from the vicious plan of Satan.
We always knew that many gospel artists wanted to go mainstream and of course to make more money as an entertainer. There is one thing we did not know- which was the inside story of how it changed that may have been the fate of  gospel artists who know better than to 'sing for Jesus'  the way they do now.
By reading what Pastor Kevin Shell has to say below, we may find a better understanding as to how it all changed. But was it worth it after all?

Read entire article here at AT2W

Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Gospel Artists Have Romanticized Gospel Music

Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Gospel Artists Have Romanticized Gospel Music

Bebe and Cece Winans have been a household name for a long time especially for those who have listened to black gospel music in the 80's and 90's.

Actually, to be frank, they have not been just featured as 'gospel singers', but the 'Winans family is greatly known all over the world, and their records have been played on many R&B, Soul and Hip Hop radio stations.

Bebe and Cece Winans have been known as the 'cross over' duo in gospel music and their family has prided on this forever. They were the ones who crossed over and created a "contemporary R&B sound to their music. This has given them a sort of secular image but many still honor them as traditional gospel singing groups.

Well, they are back and even though the talk has been 'here they go again singing the world's music', its seems as though people seem to embrace them because of their "Jackson Family" music status in the gospel and secular arenas.  They have had many hits in the past that have attracted all groups  of people all over the world.
But isn't there just something a little peculiar about a brother and sister 'gospel' singing duo who have always made hit songs that sound seductive, soothing and romantic? Ok, let me demonstrate by using some of the lyrics from a few of their hit songs.

Read entire article at: AT2W

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kierra "KiKi" Sheard: Should Every Gospel Artist Be Preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Now, we bring up this issue with Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, because she is the daughter of Bishop Drew Sheard and First Lady Karen Clark Sheard, also the granddaughter of the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark who was such a dynamic woman in the gospel music industry.    Dr. Mattie Moss Clark was not just a singer, but she also was a magnificent choir director.    Then, after the late Bishop John Seth Bailey died, Dr. Moss supposedly took over Bailey Temple Church of God in Christ where she was also the minister of music until she departed in 1994. 

Strange thing, especially in the black church, it seems as though everyone wants to be chief, meaning everyone who has a history of someone being a popular person in ministry, has to have a flock within one family doing the same thing.   We feel God shakes his head when he see it, because there are so many other things to do in ministry, instead of always wanting to be seen in the pulpit or carry on the tradition within a family.    

One thing, we cannot understand when we were sent this video from one of our readers, revealing Ki Ki Sheard supposedly preaching in the pulpit, we asked among our fellow journalists, 'how can one be called into ministry when they have not separated themselves from the world?'  Many in the Clark/Sheard family among many others in the black church and gospel music industry have to repent for following the ways of the world while claiming to be holiness people.   God is not pleased with it and we strongly feel in our spirits, so much work could be done outside of just giving God's Word behind a pulpit.   For the longest, we have known Dorinda Clark Sheard was an evangelist, then soon, Karen Clark Sheard popped up preaching as though she had a call from God.   Then, we thought, she is among a lot of first ladies in the black church who are not just satisfied being a first lady and also a gospel artist supposedly singing for the Lord, but possibly looking into another financial stream through tithes and offerings.    Now, we got this alert that Karen's daughter, KiKi Sheard is carrying on the tradition of preaching while yet carrying on as a hip hop gospel artist like her mother, brother and aunts when they all know very well God told us in His Word to not get caught up in worldly affairs and to be holy: 'Be Ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16).'  Then the Word of God told us, "Love not the world neither the things that are in the world, He that loveth the world the love of the Father is not in him or her (I John 2:15)." Therefore, all of the dancing and the copying of hip hop style of gospel music has been a sin for a very long not just among the Clark and Sheard family, but among the entire gospel music industry.  

Most of the time, when we see gospel artists following in line behind others in ministry, most of the time, they are just doing it for a stream of income or to follow the family or church tradition, not necessarily because they are called to do it.     It is just like those who sing gospel music, not everyone in one family can sing or has a gift to sing and so, it is the same way with preaching, not everyone has the gift or has been called or chosen by God to preach.   We deeply feel Kierra "KiKi" Sheard needs to find herself in God and search her heart, because we feel she is just following those behind her who are just screaming, shouting and holding a tune in the microphone not focusing on saving souls, it's our opinion.  When gospel artists do so, do they really know God?  Are they really concern about how many souls they win?    

We deeply feel so many gospel artists are not doing the work of the Lord when they choose to preach and hold a title behind their name, if they have not been called by God to do so.   Many of them these days who are hip hop gospel artists should consider first letting go of their collaboration with secular and the entire gospel music industry and go out into the streets to pass out tracks, feed the homeless and visit the poor and elderly, because ministry is not about collecting money and it is definitely not about status.  

We were shown a past music video of KiKi Sheard and to our unfavorable amazement we saw her appearing butch and so we were not surprised to later on discover she allegedly entertains at gay clubs, according to an anonymous source; for this reason, it also did not surprise us that Karen Clark Sheard did not perform at NOM (National Organization for Marriage) and oppose same-sex marriages.   She was suppose to attend with Pastor Deitrick and Damita Haddon.   Now, why did Karen Clark Sheard do so when she is not only a first lady of a bishop, but a descendant of a holiness denomination, Church of God in Christ.   Think about it, why didn't Ki Ki's mother, Karen Clark Sheard show up at NOM?

Just Watch These 2 Videos for Yourself 

God In Me, Mary Mary featuring Kierra "Ki Ki Sheard

Kierra "Ki Ki" Sheard

photo courtesy: http://altnet.com

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pastor Kirk Franklin's Age Old Question: 'Has Gospel Music Gone Too Far?"

Pastor Kirk Franklin's Age Old Question: 'Has Gospel Music Gone Too Far?" 

We were happy to receive this piece of information that not only addresses gospel music as we used to know it,  but Pastor Kevin Shell points out exactly why gospel music has changed to what he calls "One World Music"

The age old question, some may call it, from gospel singer Kirk Franklin was posed in his 1998 song "Stomp":
"For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far.
You think we got too radical for Christ.
Well I got news for you , you ain't heard nothin yet,
and if you don't know now you know. Glory, Glory!!" [Source]
Glory, Glory? As you can see, Kirk Franklin was more than ready to try and 'turn Gospel Music out'. Pastor Shell has shared his reasoning for why gospel music and world music have very little substance and how they not only intertwine but have become one from the vicious plan of Satan.
We always knew that many gospel artists wanted to go mainstream and of course to make more money as an entertainer. There is one thing we did not know- which was the inside story of how it changed that may have been the fate of  gospel artists who know better than to 'sing for Jesus'  the way they do now.

Read the entire article and Pastor Shells worthwhile input at our mother site AT2W.
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