Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Is Daryl Coley Yet Associating With Gay Gospel Artists and Gay Affirming Ministries?

The simple question is this, since God has been allowing Daryl Coley to survive serious illnesses and he admitted in a prior article back in 1998 of being delivered and set free from homosexuality, why has he returned to association with gay gospel artists and performing for gay affirming ministries?  Although, God is merciful and long-suffering, it is very scary to think about all of the gospel artists in the gospel music industry who died in previous years of illnesses or tragedies: Rev. Timothy Wright, Bishop Walter Hawkins (and many of his Love Center followers who died of AIDS), Thomas Whitfield, Rev. Timothy Wright, O'lander Draper, Rev. James Moore, Frank Williams, Shirley Joiner, Carl Preacher & Brenda Waters (of Southeast Inspirational Choir), Ron Winans, Danibelle Hall, Elder Phillip Britton, the late Rev. James Cleveland, Clara Ward and many others.

You would think that artists who have been sick like Daryl Coley who God allowed to continue to live would separate themselves from gays and lesbians in the gospel music industry and in the gay affirming church, but it seems like he is taking advantage of God.   Specifically, Daryl Coley has been sick for many years, so sick, he is unrecognizable and looks like those who have yielded to sin under Satan's command.  We are not trying to disrespect him in any way, but the bible says in Ephesians 5:11: 'Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.'  Therefore, God has appointed us to reveal the truth about wickedness not just in the gospel music industry, but also in the church.  It is very scary to see Daryl Coley associating with people who are in the lifestyle he said he was saved and delivered, which was quoted in this article:  'Daryl Coley: The California-born gospel singer overcoming homosexuality and diabetes'.

Saints of God, we need to pray more than ever before, because Satan is not finished with killing off gospel music artists who do not take God serious in their lives, he has been doing so for years.  We assume Daryl Coley is turning back to the gay affirming church and gay affiliation in the the gospel music industry, because he is looking for accepting while struggling to survive.  We can pray all we want for him, but unless he completely turn away from the very sinful association that he was involved in for many years, we are very afraid to say what could happened to him, next.   However, let us pray that he fully surrenders and turn away from homosexual acquaintances for they may put his life in danger, thus saith the Lord.

This is very important folks, the elders in the gospel music industry are responsible for being an example to the youth and one of the reasons why we have a lot of problems with the youth turning gay and lesbian is because of the lifestyle of their elders they were fascinated by.

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