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Why Didn't Little Richard Remain In Gospel Music? Take a Look Then and Now

Allegedly on a televised interview with John Tesh back in the day, Little Richard claimed he went back to secular music because he needed to pay his bills, but as he is getting older he remains to be a secular entertainer.   In the eyes of God, there is no excuse, he wants us to witness for Him not for money, but to win souls.   We can recall him asking in response, in an effeminate fashion, 'how am I going to pay my bills?'  In other wards being a secular entertainer in his mind was the only way.   Now, that he and Rev. Al Green were once on a righteous journey, completely getting saved and had separated from the world, we see Satan has fooled them both and now that gospel music is so mainstream now, people who believed in singing and performing gospel music the right way are now, no different than those in the gospel music industry today, just doing it to make money.    So many souls will have to answer to God for not singing for Him and performing in a righteous fashion.   When they were suppose sing for God, did they do it right?  That question will be asked.

If Little Richard desires to return to the gospel music industry, what would he come back to now that it is corrupt? The trick is many secular artists who once were saved in the black church do not desire to return because they know right from wrong and do not agree with the hypocrisy.   They fail to realize this very fact, you can return to God, not necessarily the (black) church, for many are deceived among various congregations and are on their way to hell just like sinners.  It is obvious why many music artists do not want to be a part of today's black church, which is so modern, you cannot even tell it is church.   It is so obvious why many do not want to be a gospel music artist, which is so worldly now, you cannot tell it is church music.  Why?  Because holiness has became irrelevant among many pastors, bishops and evangelists and they do not preach it.  They would rather get more tithes and offerings by spoiling their congregations with "powder puff" preaching, that is, teaching what they want to hear.

Little Richard was also preaching the gospel when he had gotten saved and delivered from sin.   He was not only singing gospel songs.   We do not know if you recall, but he was a great full gospel preacher.  You could feel the power of God when he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ back in the 1980's.  He was very sincere and not out to get money like a lot of preachers today, but only out to save souls.   So, God not only blessed Little Richard through the gift of gospel music, but also to preach His Word.

It saddens us to look at Little Richard in the prime of his life, many years after he made his excuse for returning to the Rock and Roll industry known to his fans.  He is yet effeminate, growing old outside of the will of God.   He also made a statement that he assumes that God accepts him just the way he is.   Really?   There are many people who died and saw hell, one of the last individuals was a teenage girl named Angelica.   She said she saw great music artists in hell besides Pope John Paul II.  These pop music artists were in hell for singing for the Devil and not singing for God and you can hear that entire testimony at, do a search.  Jesus Christ told the girl the dance steps that Michael Jackson used to do was controlled by demons and she saw those same demons doing the same dance steps, back and forth.   God loves everyone, but he will not accept us any sort of way, we cannot look how we want to look, act how we want to act or even live how we want to live.   The Word of God has rules and regulations and one main commandment, is to be holy.   'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy (1 Peter 1:16).  It was the same with Selena, the teenage girl also saw her in hell for singing for the Devil and not for God.

Little Richard is a soul.   We must pray that God brings him back into His Kingdom, all the way.   So let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we bring Little Richard before you right now and we pray dear God that you bring him completely out of darkness into your marvelous light.  Father God, we rebuke Satan's trick to deceive Little Richard and many others like him.   He thinks it is okay to remain out in the world singing for the Devil while claiming to know you, but we know dear Lord that is not right.   God save this man and let your Holy Spirit dynamically breath into his soul.   We ask you to set him totally free from Satan's territory in his golden years, in Jesus name and it is so, Amen.   Now this prayer also goes for Rev. Al Green and others who have not completely surrendered to the Lord.

This following video shows Little Richard when he got saved and started singing gospel music.   All we can do is pray that God brings him back before he closes his eyes.

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