Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank God Gospel Music Artist Keith Pringle Has Returned, But We Pray He Remains Holy in His Music

If you are a 70's child and you were brought up on good gospel music, then you recall Minister Keith Pringle, a legend who was mentored by the late Rev. James Cleveland.   He had hits that you knew were anointed and you felt God when you listened to them: 'Call Him Up', When God's Children Get Together', 'Perfect Peace' and 'No Greater Love', so many other songs that made you feel God as the choir backed him up.    Keith Pringle was very popular back in the day, then we as gospel music lovers began to feel sad when we felt the death of anointed gospel music, the anointing began to cease and you could not cry and praise God like before as the hip hop movement began to dominate the gospel music industry by the late 1980's and early 90's.    It was a spiritual death that took place, especially after the King of Gospel, James Cleveland died.  So many gospel artists (and preachers) had died during the beginning of AIDS as well as other various diseases in that particular era, we thought we had lost Keith Pringle too, because he along with his music had ceased the industry.  Many of his fans wondered what happened to him. During this time, the majority of the gospel music industry began to rebel against God having His way with the songs and they elders began to use the young folks interest in hip hop with gospel to make more money.

Keith Pringle is still dynamic, we heard snippets of his CD and felt very good by what we heard and most of all how we felt when we listened was very anointed   He still has his powerful unique voice and you can still tell there was no change in his music.   There was no secular blend, it was holy and you could praise God.   Therefore, we acknowledge if Keith Pringle remains humble and allow the Lord to use him, he then no doubt will lead others to also be holy and by doing so, he will take over the gospel music industry.   If he is willing to be a leader and not a follower, God will do wonders through Keith Pringle.   Now, the Devil wishes to destroy this man and His music, especially with the temptation of making more money, but if he has his own mind to keep it holy, Keith Pringle will remain great and Kirk Franklin and his worldly music will have to move out of the way, because God is control.   Therefore, this is God's music, we cannot take it and do what we want to with it, for He gave us this scripture in I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'   Do you know what that means?  It means not sinning, looking, acting or sounding like the world, we must do God's will and not our own.   People have their own excuses and reasons for trying to remake God's music and it is getting too old right about now: 'we must do whatever will get people to listen; we have to go along with the times, we have to win the young folks...'   All of it is a lie from the pit of hell, never has God had to please or lure mankind to listen to Him when mankind is ready to surrender, he will do it, no matter what it takes.   No gospel artists has to bow down to the world to win them.  If they want God bad enough, they will run to God and enjoy his sanctified music and this also goes for the youth.   God wants everybody to be holy, he didn't say a certain age, he just instructed for us all to be holy.   Then, God told us this commandment in His Word, I John 2:15: Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  So that's very clear isn't it? The Bible means what it says and says what it means.  We are not suppose to be involved with anything worldly and when it comes to God's music, it should not please the world, but please only Him, because if  an inspiring  gospel artist decides to follow Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Canton Jones, DC Talk or whomever else is luring those to follow them instead of following Jesus Christ's expectations, then their music will not make God happy and it will all be in vain.   The elders of the church were never suppose to be led by the youth, but the elders were always suppose to lead the youth.  Now, Satan has got elders acting in an immature fashion and acting as children not wanting to be different and holy, because they are afraid what people as old as them will say about them, that's how children act.   They are so immature, they think if they do not be a follower of this hypocritical hip-hop gospel or christian rap music, they will not make any money or be popular, they idolize fame and fortune just like the younger generations who refuse to listen or who do not know any better.   Minister Keith Pringle knows better and God expects him to continue to be mature with His music and shame these elders who are behind the pulpits getting rich off of these hip hop gospel or christian rap artists while even the older gospel artists like Vickie Winans, Kirk Franklin, The Clark Sisters, J. Moss are also others who are guilty of enjoying their wicked fame and fortune. 

Another thing, it is not just the hip hop music that has offended God, it is also this demon of homosexuality.    Although, Keith Pringle was mentored by the late Rev. James Cleveland, we pray that he proceeds to stay away from the gay lifestyle that has destroyed possibly many people close to him, if it ever was so in his lifetime.   Homosexuality took the life of his mentor the late Rev. James Cleveland and when he allegedly died of AIDS and so many others, Satan had fun removing the anointing through Mr. Bobby Jones and his sidekicks, thereafter.    You see, it was one demon after another and God has never been happy with it.  If we are truly in the family of God, then we can no longer settle for what they are trying to sell us.   We do not eat slop, we are not pigs.   We are a part of God's royal family, so when we eat spiritual food, we want it to taste good in our spirits, so the anointing will continue to flow.   

Furthermore, thank God for Minister Keith Pringle and his return to the gospel music industry, but let us pray for him daily that God will use him in a mighty way to be an example, not a gullible soul who will be led astray.   If he is a born leader, then we will expect God to do wonders through his life, his music and his magnificent voice.

Watch Video of Minister Keith Pringle Sing with Rev. James Cleveland
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