Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now That We Acknowledge Allegedly Michael Jackson is in Hell, Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch Should Re-evaluate their Ministry

As you know, Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch came forth in the press, regarding what
happened when Michael Jackson came to them for prayer before he passed away.   Allegedly, Jackson prayed and sing hymns with the Crouch's, but according to this article that a source just sent to us, it was not confirmed that he had accepted Christ through a sinner's prayer.   However, it has been discovered that the Crouch's were prepared to discuss recording two songs with our choir for his newest recording project, according the the same article, Michael Jackson Salvation Reports ‘Not True,’ Pastors Say.    Therefore,  we question their ministry, because they were affiliated with the pop star, who was obviously not a part of the Kingdom of God and they did not inform Jackson they could not do his album, unless he accepted Jesus Christ and let go of the industry.   Andrae and Sandra were wrong, because they were going to include their church choir with a man who was on his way to hell and did not even know it.   Ask yourself this question: were these twins, Andrae and Sandra Crouch, called to preach or even appointed by God sing gospel music?

This brother and sister duo had a responsibility to let Michael Jackson know, he needed to come to Christ, before it was everlasting too late, not meet with him to discuss a recording with their church choir.  How dare they had done so?  Once before they recorded Michael Jackson's hit, 'Man in the Mirror' with their choir doing back up in 1988.   Did they ever tell Michael Jackson that he had to give up secular music and give his life to Jesus Christ?   Obviously not, because before Michael's death, they had met with him to prepare for their church choir to do another song with him.  Folks, this is very serious, Michael was a soul and these twins who are suppose to be Pentecostal preachers were only concerned about making a hit record with one of the most wealthiest men in the music industry.   God is not pleased with the Crouch's ministry, because they are so caught up on popularity and not on being holy.   According to a teenage girl's testimony, which was recently featured on AToast2Wealth.com blog, she saw Michael Jackson burning in hell.   Now, Andrae and Sandra boasted about a wonderful time they had in the Lord with this man who will never escape eternal damnation.  Therefore, they had plenty of time to inform him that his soul was in danger and they could no longer associate themselves, including their church choir with his music. Unless, they repent, they will have to give an account when they close their eyes and face the judgment of God. 

We ask you this question, when are those who affiliated in the gospel music industry going to represent Christ while sincerely winning souls?   When is it going to be a time when gospel artists distance themselves and reject association with those who are not saved?   When it is going to come to an age when gospel artists look up to Jesus Christ as their superstar and not to secular artists like Michael Jackson?   Michael Jackson and many other secular artists who have much fame and fortune sold their souls to the Devil to gain what they have and these gospel artists are yearning their money, instead of making sure their soul is right with God.   Originally, the gospel music industry was a separate association from worldly music and there was no desire to be famous like them or even to use them to get more money for their albums, because these gospel artists like Andrae and Sandra have forgotten the scripture that says this: 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?' -Mark 8:36

Furthermore, Andrae and Sandra Crouch put on a show at Michael Jackson's funeral as though they were so honored to bring their choir to sing as though he was on his way to heaven. Gospel artists like Andrae and Sandra Crouch do not know how serious it is when they make deals with secular artists who are not Christians.   Do you realize at Michael Jackson's funeral as their church choir sang, Michael Jackson was pleading to get out of hell?  On Angelica's testimony, it also was mentioned that Jackson's dance moves were controlled by demons and the same for Selena.   This is a man, Pastors Andrae and Sandra were affiliated with to gain more popularity, fame and fortune.  Note: On the right photo at Michael Jackson's funeral, Sandra is directing she and Andrae's church choir.

Another thing, when it was heard that Michael Jackson was dead, why didn't either of these Pentecostal preachers prove that Jesus Christ still works miracles, by praying and raising him up?   Simply, because they were not examples of being holy.  They could not even think to raise the dead or even pray away diseases if they have been associated themselves on the Devil's territory.   You cannot go and raise the dead, if you did not present yourself as holy, because your power is taken away, it is not even in you to do so.   If the Crouch's had of presented themselves as true holiness preachers, they would have been able to raise him up, but they both lacked the anointing, because of their worldly affiliation with Jackson.   It is the same as Missy Elliot and The Clark Sisters, recently it was mentioned in the press that she is sick, but none of the Clark Sisters have any power to pray away the disease, because they are too worldly and have been taking the world's money and enjoying their fame.

Jesus Christ told the teenage girl to forewarn fans of Michael Jackson that they are to no longer listen or dance to his music, because if they listen they will be walking to the same place as he is, in eternal hell and damnation.

We pray the Andrae and Sandra repent before it is everlasting too late.

photo courtesy: newcmc.org


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