Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hip Hop Gospel Saving The Young Folks Is a Satanic Myth

For too long, we have been hearing false claims by hip hop gospel artists who are making money off of their worldly music blended with rare gospel music.   The other liars are those who are pulpit pimps who are making money off of hip hop gospel artists who are guests at their church to attract the youth and to gain membership to increase tithes and offerings.   Some of these pastors call themselves, Pentecostal/holiness.    When you watch the average supposedly "full gospel, Pentecostal or holiness" church whatever they want to call themselves, you no longer see a difference in the way the have church and the way those who are not sanctified ministries have church, what we see these days are hypocrites preaching holiness, but allowing secular style gospel music, which is not saving the youth, but making them more rebellious, loose, sinful and no anointing is captivated while looking into the spiritual souls of  the youth   Hip Hop gospel/ gospel rap is not saving the young folks, it is a satanic myth.   It does not matter who says it, it's a lie, straight from the pit of hell.

If hip hop gospel was saving the youth, then why are they still dying like flies, infected with STD's like AIDS and disrespecting their parents?   The satanic myth is a cover up to attract more money for ministers who are tired of being different than the average church, they want to fit in with today's modern age ministries; you know, sort of like peer pressure that kids go through while growing up?  For some strange reason, there are many pastors who are immature and feel they have to keep up with the Jones's in order to keep a large church with many followers.   If one pastor yields to the hip hop movement in the church, do not be surprise what the next one does, because they have heard how many millions of dollars that pastor is bringing in, each service or event.    Instead of being a minister, strictly according to God's Word, we have a lot of followers in the pulpit and this is what has supported mainstream gospel music.   

In today's church like christian rock, hip hop gospel is being worshiped, not God.   The young people are idolizing the music.   They no longer know how to read their Bible, praise and worship Jesus Christ, but because of hip hop gospel, this is why we see a lot of teens in church today, not because they desire to glorify God, only to be involved with the hip hop revolution in the church.   This issue is a danger in the body of Christ and it must be known that hip hop gospel is not saving young people, it is a god that is taking away God's glory and it is not right.  It is sinful and wicked and if the church does not change, we will see a lot more tragedies among the youth.  Who is responsible for the danger that may occur?   Bishops, pastors, evangelist and those over the entire gospel music industry who have led the youth astray, one day they will stand before God and give an account.

If you ask the average teen today, how often do they read their Bible on a daily basis, the average answer possibly would be, 'I get my word through hip hop gospel,' which is not true because you cannot get completely spiritually fed through music and you sure cannot get completely spiritually fed with the hypocritical music, that is, today's gospel that is so secular, no one can focus on God and be completely holy.   Hip hop gospel is so loud and causes extreme distraction for one to peacefully meditate on God and His commandments.   In prior years, teens were more knowledgeable of God's Word, they could memorize scriptures and even quote them.  Many of today's youth do not know what real praise and worship is, they think it is getting their groove on while singing about God, but rarely.  To be saved, the youth must realize how important it is to spend time in the Word and live by what it says, not claiming to be saved just because he or she listens to hip hop gospel.  Hip hop gospel cannot save the youth today, only Jesus can.   Therefore it is a pure lie when parents, pastors or even youth pastors claim that hip hop gospel is saving the youth.   Yes?   Well, has it been strong to stop the spirit of rebellion among the youth?  Has is made young people more respectful to their parents, teachers or any elders whom have authority over them?   Has hip hop gospel stopped the crime in the schools?  Has hip hop gospel stopped the fighting and killing among young people?   Have the young men learned how to pull their pants up or the young girls pull their dresses down?   Have the young people learned how to be delivered and set free from homosexuality that has been so popular among them, these days just by listening and enjoying hip hop gospel?   Probably not.  Why?  Because hip hop gospel is not God and it should not be idolized as though it can save the youth and deliver them from sin.    Hip hop gospel must stop so Jesus Christ can be the center of attention among the youth in the church, so that He gets all the glory, not the music.  Only God can stop such hostility among young people and save them from abnormal sexual desires such as homosexuality, child molestation, prostitution and so forth.   Hip hop gospel must no longer be a distraction among the body of Christ.  Jesus wants to reach the young people and desires for them to spend more time in His Word and live by whatever it tells them to do.

In conclusion, with today's gospel artists collaborating with secular artists is a vivid sign, the youth is not getting saved, but they are being deceived by those who made profits off of hip hop gospel.  The satanic myth is a trick of the Devil and young souls are dying going to hell without being told the truth.

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