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Has Hip Hop Gospel Made The Black Church and Gospel Artists Lazy and Wicked?

Yes indeed, hip hop gospel has truly made many gospel artists and the black church more wicked than they already were.   The creativity of gospel music today is compared with the riddle and rhyme of secular artists who just put a nice rap along with most times, already created music by past popular legends and sometimes, just any easy tune to make you bob your head.  Now, G. Craig Lewis who always speaks against hip hop does not tell the whole truth, he likes rap while mainly throwing out about worldly music, but we will tell you the entire truth. Gospel music which includes rap and hip hop music is not creative and none of the producers are ever anointed to produce good gospel music.    Today's gospel music has made the church without any anointing for the corporate church to gain millions of dollars and because of it, gospel music artists have become very lazy and very wicked.   A lot of the gospel artists today could never be spiritually qualified to produce music, which is straight from heaven, full of the anointing that breaks the yoke.   

The corporate church is hush-hush about it, because hip hip gospel, gospel rap and christian rock is the cause of them making millions of dollars, which fits right into their prosperity preaching.  You see, a sophisticated ministry is uncomfortable with real gospel music that makes people shout and dance under the anointing.  Real gospel music makes people praise God and the demons of carnality has to cease: lust, greed, idolatry, adultery, homosexuality...this is what irritated prosperity preachers, which today are called "pulpit pimps".   Once pastors saw that Kirk Franklin was gaining a lot of fans back in the early 1990's, they came together behind closed doors and agreed this sort of music would attract a lot of people to their churches, especially the young teens and young adults: those are the ones that would bring in the money for hip hop concerts at various churches, including the COGIC and Apostolic Pentecostal denominations.  This is why we would hear many pastors demanding people to drop tradition and every denomination to come together for money, power and fame, it worked for them.  This is why although Bishop Eddie Long recently called himself falling to the floor while cameras were rolling was to prove to his church members he was saved, but he refuses like many other pastors to let go of the hip-hop, rap and rock in their churches.

The Bible says this: 'For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).'   That means the evil in the hearts of crooked pastors, bishops and evangelists are evil, because they love money more than God.  If you notice, the Bible never stated money was evil, it said the love for it.   Therefore, these corporate churches that are led by men and women who harass people to pay tithes and offerings, regardless of financial hardships goes along with the crooked gospel music industry that has damaged many righteous families of moral and values: mothers dressing inappropriately like loose gospel artists who look strippers and prostitutes, revealing a bad example for their daughters who are impregnated early, sometimes by married clergy men; fathers dressing like hip-hop artists who appear similar to thugs and drug dealers; teenage girls dressing butch and boys dressing effeminate to fit today's trend of the gay affirming church while getting molested by clergy members in their church, even by the ones who deny they are homosexual; mothers allowing their sons to go on trips with male pastors (like Bishop Eddie Long) who pay her bills while molesting her sons; parents like Bishop Drew and First Lady Karen Clark Sheard  allowing their children to enter the gospel music industry to look thuggish, instead of teaching them to dress conservative so the youth can admire them and be inspired to become entrepreneurs and become millionaires without destroying God's music.  So, yes indeed, by the corporate church choosing to merge their finances with the gospel music industry, it has made them and the gospel music artists extremely lazy and very wicked.

Forewarning To The Black Church and Gospel Artists
If you continue to promote wickedness with God's music,  rather than doing things decently and in order (I Cor. 14:40), God will reveal his wrath on you worst than ever before, because you are not being an example for His Kingdom, the black community and your family.   Instead you are Satanically representing God as though you are trying to make Him agree with your fast money making lifestyle.   He does not agree with laziness in His music or having church like wicked people in the world.  He desires for you to sing and play His music with the anointing, preach with the anointing and even look like you have the anointing.   

You gospel music artists have lost your anointing and a lot of you never had it.  You joined the industry for money, not to win souls into God's Kingdom.  Your message means nothing to God, because like J. Moss, you have been sleeping around while you are married or even without being married and God is very angry.   You do not even know how to sit down and write songs that God gives you and sing them from your soul, the sort of songs that passes the anointing into the souls of others.  Instead, you desire to act like Jay-z or Beyonce and just put a tune to some cute words and God is tired of it.  You cannot make it into the Kingdom of God pleasing these corporate pastors and their churches, but you must make a decision now to please God, because one of these days, you will have to stand before God and give an account to Him for the way you have used His name while making money off music that is not full of His anointing.  

Take heed now pastors of corporate black churches, gospel artists and even the other churches led by any other race of ministers who call themselves reaching out to diverse races with their christian rock and rap music, when you know good and well, you just want everybody's money.   You will have to face judgment and you will remember Repent Gospel Artists forewarned you.

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