Friday, August 12, 2011

God's Message To G. Craige Lewis and His (Christian Rap) Followers

Minister G. Craige Lewis has been known to talk bad about the hip hop movement, but for some odd reason he defends rap music in the church.   We cannot see any difference between the two, many hip hop artists rap and many rappers do hip hop, even in the church.   Maybe in the early days of the mid 1980's it was a separate genre, but you can no longer separate the two, it is ludicrous what Minister Lewis is saying.   He seems to want a piece of the pie (money) of what hip hop artists are making and this is why he desires to defend Christian rap.   Christian rappers dress just as thuggish as hip hop gospel artists, there is no difference.  You are not going to discover the average rapper putting on a suit and tie when he does his performance and Lewis knows this, this is why he dresses just like the average hip hop gospel/christian rap artist.

This is God's message to G. Craige Lewis.  It is a prophecy that was revealed through the soul of the late Frank Williams of the Mississippi Mass Choir.  

Before you watch the video, please acknowledge G. Craige Lewis dresses in casual wear a lot while he is speaking as though he is so righteous.   This is something a couple of his followers tried to claim on comments.   They tried to say rappers dress difference than those in hip hop.   The truth remains, Christian rap is no better than hip hop, it is all wrong, because the Bible says in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world neither the things in the world, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father is not in him (or her).   So realize this fact, God is fair and He expects for all of us as His children to make Him happy all the way, not halfway.  So now let us watch what God revealed to  the late Frank Williams of the Jackson Southernaires and Mississippi Mass Choir.  Although, Frank Williams has gone home to be with the Lord, it still stands what he told us on this following video.

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God Bless, Learn and Enjoy!


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