Friday, August 12, 2011

Did Shirley Caesar Sing With Tonex aka B.Slade, Because They Both Knew The Truth and Rebelled in Homosexual Sin?

The Word of God lets us know Jesus does not like us mingling with those who oppose His commandments:  'How can two walk together, except they agree (Amos 3:3)?'  That scripture goes for gospel artists collaborating with homosexuals.   If you disagree with homosexuality, you would not desire to associate with those who do.   So, we question what has been said regarding Pastor Shirley Caeser's sexuality: is she a lesbian?  Allegedly, she has been in the closet for years.   Of course, sometimes rumors or true and sometimes, they are false.  However, those who knew the Caravans have said not only the late Rev. James Cleveland was gay, also the women in the singing group were lesbians, stated by the daughter of Josephine Howard, famous R & B singer, Miki Howard. Usually, we do not go by hearsay, but- it is awfully strange that Shirley Caesar was willing to perform with Tonex on her prior album People claim that during this performance Tonex was in the closet as a homosexual, we doubt that is true and even if it was so, any minister should have been able to discern his spirit to acknowledge his discreet lust for men.  Let us ask ourselves, what sort of gospel music have we been listening to throughout the years: anointed or satanic?   

We feel gospel music has been satanic and has not been anointed by God, because of the people who create the music.   A lot of these gospel artists like Tonex and Shirley Caesar call themselves reaching the masses without realizing they cannot reach the masses if their hearts are not clean and full of corruption.   Even if gospel artists believe it is okay to be gay these days, they know the truth found in God's Word that informs us homosexuality is a sin and offends the Lord.  

God is not pleased with the devilish lifestyles of gospel artists since back in the days of the Caravans and possibly before that era.  There is a curse that should have been lifted by now, but if the church is not right, can they discipline the gospel artists?   The church should be so righteous, gospel artists would feel very uncomfortable to sing God's music while being a hypocrite.   However, these gospel artists know right from wrong.  Many like Tonex and Shirley Caesar were raised in the church that taught holiness like many others.   This is how we know they both knew the the truth about one another being gay when they collaborated on this very song, possibly?

Hip hop gospel is accepted, because homosexuality is gaining a lot of acceptance and both were created by Satan and his demons, so when we see gospel artists collaborating with homosexuals and dropping holiness in their performances, it is no surprise.  Therefore, back in the day when Tonex and Pastor Caesar sang, 'I Know the Truth', yes they both knew the truth for a very long time, but God will no longer deal with their rebellion neither will he deal with other gospel artists who refuse to turn their backs on money, stop collaborating with homosexuals in the gospel music industry and coming out of the closet as homosexuals.  Not for too much longer will He deal with their lustful lifestyles.

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