Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Do Not Have To Be Gay or Lesbian to Be a Gospel Artist

Today's gospel music industry is giving the wrong message by supporting gay or lesbian gospel artists, revealing that it is the norm, God agrees with it and it is the culture.  God is not pleased with the gospel music industry glorifying and idolizing flamboyant men and butch women.  He wants us to only love and adore Him.  If you notice, the effeminate male gospel artists and even the butch females get most of the attention than those who are righteous, because the gospel music industry is indeed corrupt.  The wrong silent message that the gospel music industry is giving to those who desire to use their talent for the Lord is, you have to blend into the homosexual culture that is an ancient demon during the era (and possibly before) of the King of Gospel, the late Rev. James Cleveland.  We will give you the right message in this article, which is nothing but righteousness in honor and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  
The demon of homosexuality has dominated gospel music for too long and no gospel artist, not even those pioneers who almost kept it holy like Pastor Shirley Caesar will step up and speak out and let those who have been blessed with the gift to sing or play music that you do not have to include your soul in the accompany of homosexuals, you do not have to act as though you are gay or even become involved in the gay lifestyle in order to gain supporters who admire you and your music.  God has been saying for so long, 'be different, be holy and step away from those who are defiling my music,' but so many gospel artists are afraid to do so.  They are afraid to obey the voice of the Lord, which commanded us to even step away from the worldly church that has endorsed the demon of homosexuality, prostitution and idolatry.   Therefore, God is looking for true believers in Christ who are indeed straight and have no attraction to the same sex to dominate his music.   Even if you should get approached by Mr. Bobby Jones or any other gospel promoter who has been known to be allegedly promoting homosexual gospel artists, you should have the power of God within you to step away and say, 'No thank you, God has already been promoting me and I have enough guidance for my ministry (not a career) as a gospel artist,' that should be your answer.   We must allow God to know dominate a new breed of gospel artists who are not fascinated with the homosexual culture within the gospel music industry.   Therefore, the new gospel music industry who are made up of real righteous men and women of God are those who will recognize that gospel music industry is now dominated by the world who has also dominated the church and there is no room in God's Kingdom for this nonsense.  God is seeking pure hearts, minds and souls to boldly promote gospel music that is strictly not only set a part from the world, but completely to turn away from gay and lesbian culture that has affirmed sin.

Now, you have gospel artists like Kierra "Ki Ki" Sheard who allegedly performs at gay clubs in an unholy fashion, the daughter of Karen Clark Sheard who has showed no difference in the way she performs  and conducts herself as a 'hip-hop' gospel artist.  Karen is the wife of a Pentecostal holiness COGIC bishop (Bishop Drew Sheard) who seems to have no problem with his wife and daughter's hypocrisy.   This has been a total shame and disgrace to the body of Christ.   God is not happy and this is why we need a distinct gospel music industry that is only for the glory of God and no longer around all this sort of foolishness.  We need holiness to be so strong, homosexuals will be afraid to flaunt their lifestyle in God's music industry.   True men and women of God, it is time for change and God expects things to change now.

Our message from God, our Savior, Jesus Christ is this, 'you do not have to mingle with the demons of homosexuality in the gospel music industry to become His singer or musician.'  One of the most important things we must share with you is this, do not think in order to be a great gospel singer, you have to be in the the accompany the corrupted gospel music industry.  You can be the very one to help turn things around for His glory.  You can be the one who boldly ministers to people in song and music, but will spread the message of righteousness to those who are a part of a demonic gay and lesbian culture in the gospel music industry.  It only takes God's chosen one and those who desire to be pure, holy and righteous will follow and turn their backs on an industry who has given the silent message for years: 'in order to make it in the gospel music industry, you have to walk like us, act like us and even sing like us'. That is a lie from the pit of hell.   For the Bible says this: 'Be Ye Holy, for I am Holy (I Peter 1:16).

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