Saturday, July 2, 2011

Video: Stop Watching Sunday's Best, Too Many Homosexuals

You know, after realizing many of the contestants to perform on Sunday's Best television show, we acknowledge those who watch them, keep the show on.   If you would stop watching 'Sunday's Best', the ratings would go down and there would be no reason for the show to be on.   Why,stop watching the show?  There are too many homosexuals and this offends God's and His KingdomIf you are truly a child of God, you would not support this wicked show.  Even Donnie McClurkin who speaks out opposing the lifestyle, just grin when he saw this transvestite singing 'The Lord's Prayer.'  McClurkin showed he is somewhat a hypocrite.

God's Kingdom is direct and straight forward and if those who are truly serving the Lord, they would have rebuked and corrected this cross dresser.  However, 'Sunday's Best', if you noticed is attracting too many homosexuals.   Homosexuals are not a part of the body of Christ, because the Bible says it is wrong to be that way.   If the entire gospel music industry was anointed and believed in right and wrong, there would be not be even one contestant.
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When you watched the video did you noticed Mary Mary's unfavorable response.  However, they do not realize the hip-hop industry they have combined with gospel music has contributed to the homosexual agenda in the church, more than they realize.  If they and many others would sing gospel right, then there would be much less difficulty to oppose homosexuality in the gospel music industry and even in the church.  Furthermore, Sunday's Best should not even exist, because the gospel music industry and the entire church world is already full of carnality.


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