Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Satanic Controlling Gospel Artists: Tonéx, B Slade, Whatever He Wants To Be Called Has Various Personality Demons

Have you ever heard people who have different personalities are those who need serious psychological help?  Anthony Charles Williams II was born in San Diego and according to Wikipedia, he underwent a name change in 2008, calling himself, TON3X.  Now in 2011, he calls himself B Slade.   In a couple of following videos, you will see Tonex presenting himself with various personalities, not ordained by God.   He is attention hungry and seeks to be accepted by those who oppose the demons of homosexuality.  He is the pastor of his late father's church, which is a position that should have went to an individual truly called by God, not a person who lives a life of hypocrisy.

We have no idea what happened in Tonéx's life to cause him to be attention hungry, but it is very sad that he yearns for the world to adore him, instead of seeking God. Tonéx wants to be idolized and if you read your Bible, you will acknowledge that God is against idol worship and those who do so will be tossed into hell and damnation.  He complains about how his father spoke out against homosexuals, after he admitted he was gay, but now shows off in the pulpit as a pastor and a preacher who visits various churches preaching as though he has so much anointing under the power of God when indeed it is Satan who is controlling  and speaking through him.   

Tonéx has completely ruined the positive image of the gospel music industry.  He has different personalities straight from the pit of hell.  One of his personalities, which you will see, shows him wearing a hairstyle that is one of the hairstyles described by a woman who claims she saw when she went to hell.   If you are a fan of Tonéx, stop being one and become a fan of Jesus Christ.   For Tonéx's image reveals demons from the pit of hell and like other rock stars, those demons will transfer into you and your children, if you continue to listen to him.   Tonéx is not holy, he is not righteous, nor has he shown the body of Christ that he does not agree with sin.  If you continue to listen to his music or his sermons, you will not be a righteous person, but you will become a  person of many various demons, because Tonéx is demon possessed.

Furthermore, because the gospel music industry has not insisted on their artists performing in strict holiness and righteousness, it is also controlled by Satan and his demons.   In this day and age in order to get closer to God, what do you do?  You do not need gospel music, you need to pray and read Word, because these gospel artists have went too far violating the Kingdom of God, permitting the demons of homosexuality and mingling with the hip hop, rap and rock industry.   Seek God, do not give attention to Tonéx or artist like him who are attention hungry.   


Watch 3 videos of 3 of Tonéx Personalities

 Here is B Slade Preaching Like He is Under the Anointing, When in Fact He is Not, He is In the Flesh.  He Possibly Preaching How His Father Preached, a Man He Has Not Forgiven For Refusing to Accept Him As a Gay Man and Spoke Out Against Homosexuality, After He Told His Parents He Was Gay

 Now, look at B Slade, formerly known as Tonéx and TON3X acting wearing a wig, similar to pop star, Prince's hairstyle.

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