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Kirk Franklin, The Wrong Message In The Gospel Music Industry: 'Fame and Money Is More Important Than Holiness'

Since Kirk Franklin has been on the scene promoting worldly music in the church, people have idolized him, instead of worshiping God.   How can you truly worship God while watching Kirk Franklin act similar to the late Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Usher?   That is not true worship and it sure is not true holiness.   It is so scary what we discovered while doing research on people who visited hell and came back to life to tell what they saw.  Now, our affiliated site, will be giving you the full details on Michael Jackson being spotted in hell by a teenage girl, but we are just going to give you a snippet of why you should not be listening to or watching Kirk Franklin and others like him (a list will be at the end of this post).  Also, we are going to extend our report on MJ burning in the lake of fire and the reason in our next article, after you have read the upcoming breaking news at

If you have been a fan of Kirk Franklin and other hip-hop gospel or Christian rock artists like him, you could be in trouble with God, because there has been no distinction between the world's music and God's music, over the last 20 to 25 years.   It has changed a whole lot and God is not pleased.  Since we discovered Michael Jackson is allegedly in eternal hell, why should the church want to follow his moves, his dress and even his mannerism?   God is angry with the church world for allowing His music to change and for those who ignore this post will regret it later on, because you cannot say we did not tell you.   The entire gospel music industry and those who support it are in trouble with God.  God has not been pleased with idol worship, the darkened atmosphere that resembles the secular concerts and the thuggish pimp and harlot demons that is perpetrating as though they are representing the body of Christ in a decent fashion. God is tired and if these bishops, pastors and evangelists do not stop condoning this behavior, we are going to see the worst tragedies that we have never witnessed before.  Why?   Because the church world who was suppose to be sanctified and holy and it has been representing a hypocritical atmosphere that is totally displeasing in the eyes of the Lord.   If people keep making excuses, that it does not matter how you perform, what you wear or even how you worship the Lord, God is going to send down his wrath and it will be too late for the gospel music industry and those who are in leadership to repent.   God has been waiting for to long, He has been patient, but now He says it is time to turn things around, because He does not agree with the wickedness that has been entertaining the world and not saving the world.   

Listen and listen good, if you have been idolizing Kirk Franklin and these following artists, instead of worshiping and fully submitting your soul to God in pure holiness, you need to start changing how you serve the Lord.   Because after we discovered Michael Jackson is allegedly burning in hell, we are making sure you get this message very clear, if the gospel music is following the ways of secular artists and enjoying the same fame and fortune and do not intend on changing, they will be crying out to escape eternal damnation, because God is against secular entertainment that is controlled by Satan and his demons.   Please stay tuned at  As we told you in our previous text, will be giving you the report on the teenage girl who allegedly saw Michael Jackson and another secular entertainer in hell.  This is enough information to alert the gospel music industry and the church who has been in agreement with their worldly performances that they have been entirely wrong.   If Michael Jackson was not excused as a pop artist and will never be able to escape hell, what makes you think Kirk Franklin and these following artists will be excused for performing the same way?

Bobby Jones
Rev. Al Hobbs
Kirk Franklin
Yolanda Adams
Mary Mary 
Canton Jones
Karen Clark Sheard
KiKi Sheard
Dorinda Clark Cole
The Clark Sisters
Vicki Winans
Amy Grant
Bishop Hezekiah Walker 
J. Moss
John P. Kee
Kim Burrell
M. C. Hammer
Trinity 5:7
BeBe and Cee Cee Winans
Marvin Winans Jr.
Dawkins & Dawkins
DC Talk
James Daniels
Humble T.I.P
Urban D
Tye Tribbett
Da' T.R.U.T.H.
Cross Movement, The
Everyday Process
Children 18:3

We did not mention everyone, because there are so many, but you get the idea.  Any other gospel artist who is similar, imagine them on the list, too.  God bless and stay strong in Him.

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