Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yolanda Adams: The Gospel Music Industry Will Be Judged For Seeking Fame and Fortune Instead of Just Winning Souls

Do you recall back in the days of good gospel music when we had gospel legends performing while many souls were saved?   The gospel music industry was more sincere.  Although, gospel artists expected to be paid for their performances, they were still more anointed and geared toward reaching souls for God.   It is just like a ministry that has a mission to set souls free in the church, God expects the gospel music industry to not operate like a secular corporation, but operate it, according to sanctification and holiness.  He expects for the people over the gospel music industry to get saved all the way or resign, because the gospel music industry should not be about business, but only about ministry, you are aiming to attract souls to God's Kingdom, that's it.  In this era, you have gospel artists like Yolanda Adams who appear with secular artists to make more money and get more fame, that is unfair to God, because He never said in His Word for us to collaborate with the world in order to build up his Kingdom and others who are guilty of doing such a thing like Adams will be held accountable, because God is not pleased.
In the gospel music industry, there should have never been any sort of plan or strategy of how artists would make a fortune and gain more fame, never.   Of course, God does not want his ministers to be impoverished, but fame and fortune should never be given to them in the similitude of people who work for Satan.   Only success and prosperity should come from God and when it does, ministers of the gospel should act holy, talk holy, look holy, preach holy, sing holy, just be completely holy, because it is not about the gospel artist singing, it is only about God, the One who created every last one of us.  You have a lot of gospel artists who are extremely carnal, simply because those who are in charge of the gospel music industry are carnal and only have their hearts set on fame and fortune.  The Bible clearly instructs us, 'do not set your mind on things on the earth, but only things above' (Colossians 3:2).   Then the Bible commands us, 'Be Ye holy, for I am holy' (I Peter 1:16).  In due time, God will reveal his wrath because he is not happy that gospel artists like Yolanda Adams performed with Kanye West, then she allegedly stated he gave her a coolness.  Coolness?  Is that how God wants us to be?  Is it coolness or holiness that he expects from us?  Deny it or not, the gospel music industry is no longer focusing on God and this is why their gift to sing with the true anointing has been taken away, because they only want fame and fortune, not to allow God to anoint them and bless them with whatever proceeds they receive just by being an authentic, original and a holy example.

Fans of gospel artists are just that, they are fans of gospel artists, not really fans of Jesus Christ.  Why?  Simply, because the average gospel artists are representing themselves as idols, not as children of the most High God.    They are expecting their fans to proceed to focus on them as though they are secular artists, so they can enjoy the millionaire lifestyle, rather than living a Godly lifestyle.  God is not pleased and His wrath will be revealed just like many former ministers who are no longer here who did not live how God wanted them to live, preach how God wanted them to preach and even live holy how they should have lived holy.   Gospel artists are in the ministry and if they fail to recognize the exact reason they are doing their songs, they will be reminded when God faces them at the end of their lives and ask them, for instance:  'How many souls have you saved?  Did you save more souls than make money and gain your fortune?'

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