Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Rev. James Cleveland, The King of Gospel Died Of AIDS, The Gospel Music Industry Became Controlled By Satan

As many of you know, the late King of Gospel died of AIDS.  When they say certain public figures died of heart failure, pneumonia or any other affiliated disease, it is most likely in connection with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and this is why you will hear reports that revealed any other name other than AIDS, a prolonged disease connected to the homosexual community, which historically first took the lives of gay white men.  Although, the journalists of this blog will forever love and respect the late Rev. James Cleveland, the truth must be told.  The discreet lifestyle of the late Rev. James Cleveland, possibly the Caravans, any other gospel artists who are still alive placed the gospel music industry into the hands of Satan.  The gospel music industry is no longer ruled by God.  If you grew up on gospel music before the destruction occurred in the mid and late 80's, you will recall preaching styles in the recorded songs of gospel music by some great gospel music artists, not only James Cleveland, but also Shirley Caesar, the late Charles Fold, Donald Vails, Timothy Wright, Bishop J. C. White,  Rev. James Moore, C. L. Franklin, Frank Williams and many others.   Gospel fans really got the message, a clear message of repentance, faith, hope and you could easily cry when these gospel artists spoke into your soul, it was serious gospel music, no comparison to secular music.   Gospel music used to seriously be about soul saving, no hypocrisy of singing songs to make money to please the world and not call them into repentance while claiming to present a message, which is absent in most inspirational songs, today.
AIDS destroyed a lot of lives in the black community and it came into the households of many Pentecostal and Baptist preachers, not just the late Rev. James Cleveland.  Many preachers and great bishops in all sorts of denominations: COGIC, Apostolic, AME and others were affected by AIDS.   While AIDS was destroying preachers in the pulpits, it had reached all through the choirs and took the lives of closeted gay men, even family men who were fathers and grandfathers in the pews.   The message was lost and it was like a forever bereavement for various lives that were lost to the epidemic.  As AIDS swept and killed many closeted gay men in the black community, many wives and children became infected, along with drug users.   People in the black community became ignorant and were very hypocritical, regarding the disease, they would often mistreat those who they knew were infected, but did not even know they were also infected and reap the same prejudice as it still occurs, today.   So, the case of the late Rev. James Cleveland was only known, because he was the King of Gospel, the most powerful gospel legend of all times.  However, there was a consequence of his death, the gospel music industry became less anointed and rush to sign record deals to gain more attention from the world by merging gospel with worldly music, what they call "bridging the gap".   Therefore, gospel artists had no more concern to win lost souls, but to
gain fame and fortune similar to pop, rock stars and hip hop artists.   Pastors and bishops began using these gospel artists as though they were thugs and prostitutes, preaching it was okay to appear worldly, God was not concerned about the way you dress, but it is only the message through their worldly performances.   These ministers behind the pulpit who began endorsing these worldly gospel artists really started pimp ministries while mainly preaching about prosperity, this brought in millions of dollars for them.   These wealthy pastors and bishops had no more concern for church mothers and missionaries to teach women how to dress and communicate, there only concern was how much wealth was coming into their corporate ministries; therefore, church mothers and missionaries became obsolete in denominations like the Church of God in Christ.  Pastors are still telling church mothers and missionaries to now allow the youth to take dominate and for them to retire, 'plain cold and cruel'.  The youth became more rebellious and adults began yielding to the rebellious ways of the younger generation to be more like them, whether they were fans or gospel artists, themselves.  The more people died of AIDS, the less sanctified the church became and that is what destroyed the gospel music industry and it was turned over into the control of Satanic dominion. 
The source that leaked out the late Rev. James Cleveland's past alleged act of molestation with his foster son, after his death caused the black church to make excuses of why it was time to go farther than just contemporary gospel style of the Winans, making music for easy listeners, they desired to make music for those who no longer wanted the anointing, but wild performances with no integrity or respect for God and even themselves.

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