Friday, June 17, 2011

Is It Okay To Look Like Strippers, Prostitutes and Thugs While Performing Gospel Songs?

You might as well say pastors, bishops and evangelists like Paula White have made it okay when they have repeatedly preached against those who believe in being fully clothed in the House of God.   However, there are still very few full gospel preachers who try to preach that we should not dress like the world, but the only way for church members to be obedient to the appointed messenger is to simply stop supporting gospel artists that are revealing too much cleavage, flesh under the dress and male gospel artists who are letting their pants hang low as though they belong on a corner selling dope.   If church members are listening and supporting gospel artists who have not shown a difference, by dressing different from worldly artists, then full gospel sermons will go straight through their ears and they will not do what the minister has advised to properly represent the Kingdom of God; instead, they will dress like people they most admire and many times in the church, it is the gospel artists.  The Bible says, 'Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy' (I Peter 1:16).  Then the Word tells us, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, he (or she) that loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him (I John 2:15).  In the above photo Leandria Johnson is revealing too much cleavage and so are many other gospel artists.   When she gave  her testimony and confession to the church of giving into sin, there was some lack of understanding with those call themselves praying for her that it was not just her fall to sin, it was her following the loose ways in the gospel industry.

These days, are gospel artists ministering to the people they dress like?  Are they really helping them by not showing a difference?   Be real, you can only help people when you testify about coming from the life of prostitution, being a stripper, a thug or a pimp, you cannot help them just by dressing like them.  You see, in order to help change people and lure them away from sin, you must have a testimony of how you were delivered from sin, not standing up singing showing a lot of flesh just to make more money and say you gave them a message through your song, that's not the way to win souls.  You win souls by looking, dressing, talking and acting different.  You saw the scriptures above that instructed us to be different from the world and they are not just words, they are commandments that we in the body of Christ must follow.  Furthermore, there are people who have husbands and wives and they desire to remain married to them, they do not want to continue attending church if there spouses are in love with the gospel artists and not in love with them and really not in love with God.  Marriages are breaking up over this foolishness and we must inform you that there needs to be a change.   You see, so-call ministers like Paula White are not going to go entirely by the Word of God, because she and others want money; therefore, the less strict it is in the church, the more people will give more tithes and offerings, God is tired of this mess and it is time to put a stop to it.

Bottom line, if you say you love God and you are His child, dress like it, don't just say you have Him inside, because what has been happening is, lust has dominated in the church and nothing has changed until people have had enough foolishness.  These days, homosexuality has been affirmed as though it is okay to be gay or lesbian and you have the homosexual demons breaking up your marriage, right in the church.  Enough is enough and if you are a gospel artists, you need to be different than those who are promoting carnality and sexuality and not true spirituality and that is ultimate holiness.

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