Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gospel Artists Drug and Alcohol Usage Ruined Gospel Music and Placed It Under Demonic Influence

Back in the 1970's Andre Crouch and his Disciples were very popular and Pastor Crouch could pull a crowd all by himself.  This is when fans of gospel music were inspired by the talented voice of gospel music artists and not necessarily infatuated with a secular style.   Then, Pastor Crouch's twin sister, Sandra Crouch who is the co-pastor of their deceased father's church, New Christ Memorial Church became very popular back in the 1980's.  Previously, before her success of winning a Grammy, she sang with her brother's gospel group.   We are not trying to keep the Crouch's guilty of their past sins, but the fact remains, you need to know what was the evil root that destroyed the anointing in gospel music and cursed younger generations who are now ruling the industry with the help of Bobby Jones; one who sat at the funeral of the late Rev. James Cleveland as though he had ideas to change the entire industry, which could be seen on You Tube, it was sick.    

Although, the Crouch's were not the only ones using drugs and hooked on alcohol, we chose to first mention them, since Andrae made headlines back in the 1980's for drug possession found in the trunk of his car.   However, after his arrest, he denied that the drugs belong to him and blamed it on a friend.   Then, Sandra was in concert in the San Francisco Bay Area and was caught high on crack cocaine, allegedly.  This history of the Crouch twins is very sad, because the more Satan had gospel artists like the two of these hooked on drugs, the more we observed a lack respect for God when songs were created and record deals were made while it became enforced to make the name "Jesus" obsolete, in order to make a lot of money, starting back in the mid 1980's.  This is when we began to see the Winans family come on the scene and although we knew their music was gospel, it was something very different, it began to gain the recognition of those who desired to feel no anointing while listening to gospel music; for instance, the less churchy the songs were, the more gospel artists became famous among celebrities.  This was all in the plan from Satan's territory.   There was no true repentance, just an effort to gain more fame and fortune and ease the conscientious of sinners who really did not want to fully surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.   We began to see authentic gospel music dying with the gospel music industry, especially after the late Rev. James Cleveland died of AIDS and his business was revealed in the press that he had infected his foster son with the HIV virus.   Gospel artists became less serious to distinct their sound from the world, even the way they dressed during their performances: female artists wore their dresses up while revealing their cleavage and male artists began to wear their pants down like thugs and drug dealers. The lack of money was really not the issue of why the change occurred within the gospel music industry into a secular one, it was greed and lack of self-respect for God and even themselves.   Before gospel music became a worldly genre, gospel artists like Billy Preston played both sides, singing real gospel music, but also dabbled in performing secular songs.   Preston was an alleged childhood friend of Pastor Andrae Crouch.  
One more thing we do not want to fail to mention is this, Andrae and his sister, Sandra grew up in the San Fernando Valley and they associated themselves with unholy people although they were never worldly in their performances.   They were made friends with the Debarge siblings, Michael Jackson and others.  You cannot continue to be holy if you do not acquaint yourself around holy people.   Although, the Crouch siblings claim they led Michael Jackson to Jesus Christ during his last moments in life, there still was an emptiness among the gospel music industry, the sort of music that made you feel the presence of God was gone and it was all because of past associations of demonic influence from them both as well as other various artists who did not preserve the sacredness of gospel music.

For some strange reason, drugs and alcohol was a bad habit among those who sang in a holy fashion, but in their private lives they were being spiritually destroyed by an evil force, which had a plan to control the gospel music industry of the 21st century.


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