Friday, November 28, 2014

Gospel's John P. Kee Calls Up Tonex to Sing

It's pretty interesting how COGIC has always preached their stance against gays and something seems to pull at them as if to test their commitment. On this day, gospel singer and pastor John P. Kee performs at Bishop Charles Blakes' West Angeles COGIC church and after calling people up to sing with him, a member of his musical team, whispers in his ear that Tonex is in the audience. Though Kee calls Tonex up, he looks around very uncomfortably

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John P. Kee Calls Up Tonex to Sing with Him at West Angeles COGIC [VIDEO] | AT2W

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gospel Artist Wife, Cheryl Fortune Breaks Silence on Twitter as Husband Stays Under the Radar

Allegedly, the wife of James Fortune has been tweeting since here husband's court appearance.  Cheryl Fortune tweeted in her own words that prayer changes things.  We realize, no matter what she has been through, God is yet using her to be strong.  According to, Mrs. Fortune’s husband wisely stays under the radar amid allegations that he was involved in a domestic dispute leading to his Oct. 23 arrest, she is resurfacing.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Mrs. Cheryl Fortune and her husband, inspiring gospel artist, James Fortune and we know nothing is too hard for God to do.  We recall the testimony he gave that they both were once homeless when God miraculously blessed him to make a hit.  Don't you know God can fix this marriage?  God can heal his mind and take out everything that is not like him.  God can touch his heart to become a changed man and humbly ask his wife's forgiveness.  God bless and thank you for reading RGA blog.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gospel Artist, Dorinda Clark Cole Reveals ‘Living It’ Album Cover

Dorinda Clark-Cole has revealed her new album cover.  However, let's pray it's anointed and not mostly for entertainment.  We come to remind you, gospel music is to win souls not to show how pretty the cover of the album looks. It's what's captivating sinners, backsliders and hypocrites to Christ through the songs.  To be honest, we've heard some of Dorinda's songs and so far, they seem to be soul-stirring, but the reality of it is, God wants the message to be complete surrender in the lyrics.  The worldly beats and the seductive sounds must cease in the gospel music industry, immediately.   

According to The Gospel Guru, preceded by lead single “You Are“, the set is scheduled to arrive on February 17th with production from Joe ‘Flip’ Wilson, contributions from Leshawn Daniels, and more.

Source and Photo: The Gospel Guru

Friday, November 21, 2014

Gospel Artist Tina Campbell Talks New Book, New Solo Album and Her Journey to Forgiveness

Tina Campbell opens up about her new gospel album, new book and the process of forgiveness.  We can always learn something from someone who's been through hard trials in life and we assume her book and album gives a lot of lessons about dealing with those who may have hurt you. 

According to, Tina Campbell said, “This event is for anyone who has experienced death, betrayal, infidelity, disappointment or other hurdles in life. This is a first step to let go and jump start your road to forgiveness.  

We will keep you posted on any further information, if we receive it.  God bless you and thanks for reading RGA blog. 


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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gospel Artist, James Fortune Awarded Limited Child Visitation

Famous gospel artist, James Fortune has been awarded limited visitation rights with his kids.  It's very sad to hear Fortune and his wife are allegedly seperated, but really, if James Fortune is a threat, that's the only solution.  However, many gospel artists today are not walking close to God, meaning they are in it, for fame and fortune.  If they would just come together and seek him to be holy and righteous in their personal lives, no doubt, such situations like this one would not occur.  

Now, we are not judging James Fortune, all we are saying is that the gospel music industry overall has been carnal and very similar to worldly artists; therefore, the solution is for them to seek God, because James Fortune's personal business has not been the only shame among them.  There have been more artists who have not done right and their dirt has came out in the media.  It's very important for gospel music artists to repent and live right, so they will be better examples for the world to see.

According to, according to court documents, Fortune’s wife is the “complaining witness” supporting the charge against him of aggravated assault family violence. He was booked on October 23, and posted the $20,000 bond the next day. 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for gospel artist, James Fortune and his wife, Cheryl, including all of their children.  God bless and thanks for reading RGA.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fred Hammond Talks About The Biggest Controversy of His Career

As you already know, Fred Hammond is truly an inspiration to many people who love gospel music.  On the Yolanda Adams Morning show he shares a little about his history when he was with Commissioned.   He opens up about having you're own mind, being radical.   Commissioned came out wearing blue jeans on a pink album, but their manager told them, dare to be different.  

Now, it's a different age, people are more open to casual dress, although Adams claims it's a double standard.  However, we see it differently, there are no standards today when it comes to gospel artists wearing certain clothes.  Many female gospel artists reveal too much and then others look like thugs in our opinion.  

Furthermore, it doesn't matter what the managers tell you beloved psalmists, the Word tell us this in I Peter 1:16, 'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy.'  We say, 'dare to be different, God's way.'

You'll have to listen to the rest of this video clip to hear the discussion.  Thanks for reading RGA blog and God bless you.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

GMWA and GAG Announce Changes to Leadership Teams


We knew this was coming after the death of the legendary gospel artist, Rev. Al Hobbs.   There are supposed to be some major changes coming to the leadership over GMWA and The National Gospel Announcement Guild.  Of course, we've seen major changes when Hobbs was alive; however, we hope we will yet recognize GMWA the way the late Rev. James Cleveland would have desired it to remain.  Sometimes, when it comes to putting new leaders in office, this means that there could be leniency, when it comes to the artists and they way they perform. 

According to, following the recent death of the much loved and respected National Gospel Announcers Guild Chairman, Al “The Bishop” Hobbs, Bishop Albert Jamison and the Board of Directors of the GMWA announce the appointment of a new GAG administration and leadership team. The newly appointed officers, along with the GAG Committee, will oversee the operation of the National Gospel Announcers Guild. Dennis Cole (Chicago, IL) has been Committee Leader and Chris Squire (Philadelphia, PA) appointed Assistant Committee Leader.  

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any further updates we receive. 



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