Friday, October 31, 2014

Gospel Singer James Fortune Accused Of HItting Wife With Barstool

This maybe the end of James Fortune career as a gospel singer.  He's accused of allegedly abusing his wife.  Why after he just was released from jail for hitting another family member would he do such a thing?   It seems to us there could be a demon he didn't ask God to deliver him from?    

You see Praise and Worship music is nice and soothing, but does it stir the soul enough for complete deliverance.   Years ago, we used to hear songs that preached to the soul and even had words to hold us accountable for our actions; for example: 'if it's not right, take it out of me,' 'give me a clean heart', try me one more time...I will live holy like you want me too...'  Nowadays, most gospel music is too cute and conservative to get such demons of violence out of you.  Therefore, it doesn't help for artist like James Fortune to sing them.  

According to, James Fortune is accused of hitting his wife with a barstool and fracturing her leg.  

In the meantime, we certainly hope James Fortune repents before it's everlasting too late.  Also we are praying for his wife and kids.  God bless.

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FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

Gospel Singer James Fortune Accused of Hitting Wife With Barstool Possibly Fracturing Her Leg

Grammy award nominated gospel singer and radio show host James Fortune is in trouble for domestic violence again. Twelve years ago he pleaded guilty to injuring his 4 year old stepson. This time he’s accused of lashing out at his wife with an...Read full article, here.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dave Hollister Talks About State of Gospel Music

We listened to Dave Hollister's interview on the Yolanda Adams morning show.  Besides talking about being friends with DeWayne Woods, he talked about working with R&B singer, Anthony Hamilton and Woods on his upcoming gospel album.  He says it's going to break down barriers and it's not just for church people.  Of course, we understand through gospel music we are supposed to reach sinners and even backsliders.  However, we pray that it's holy, so people can feel the anointing through Hollister's music.  Of course, we've heard a previous testimony by Angelica Zambrano who went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and he told her He desires for us to remain holy in our lives and even in our music.

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Dave Hollister Talks About State of Gospel Music

Dave Hollister is a beast when it comes to making good R&B music, but he’s just as talented when it comes to gospel. He proved his crossover ability on...Read full article, here.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Radio Caller Tells Gospel Artist Isaac Carree That He Is Not Humble

We just want to say, it seems like gospel artist, Isaac Carree is very humble. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have accepted this caller's accusation and apologized.   The average gospel artist, probably would have been so lifted, they would have got an attitude with the caller.  If you listen to our source, the caller allegedly accused Carree of not being humble.  He humbly listened to her and didn't argue at all, apologized and even said he would do something very special for her when he comes to Atlanta.  So, what does that tell you about Isaac Carree?

Caller Tells Isaac Carree That He’s “Not Humble” Live On-Air

Isaac Carree was live on Praise 102/5 / 102.9 with KD Bowe when a listener called in to tell the gospel singer that she didn’t think he was “humble.”

When Isaac asked the caller what she meant, she described an...Read full article, here. 

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pat Boone says New “Legacy” Gospel Album Will be his Last

Pat Boone has made an announcement that his new gospel album will be his last one.  The 80-year-old gospel singer has been successful for many years and it seems like he's prepared to retire.  Many of you who could be fans of Pat Boone, look out for his last gospel album. God bless you and thanks for reading RGA blog.

Pat Boone says New “Legacy” Gospel Album Will be his Last
Singer Pat Boone says his new album of gospel songs, “Legacy,” will be his last.

Boone says he’s had success in all kinds of music in his 60-year career, but the new album of 17 Christian songs he wrote himself is...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deitrick Haddon Gives Advice to Gospel Singer Kevin Terry After Leaked Gay Sex Tape

On Preacher's of LA, Deitrick Haddon was so right when he said he could not judge Kevin Terry, but he's not in any position to give advice to anyone.  He called himself trying to help him out, after the gospel singer's sex tape got out. Tell us, is it appropriate for him to help this guy out on a reality show?  As a minister, why can't he personally counsel him and not make a show out of it? Allegedly, Haddon's own gospel career is on the line, he needs to quite trying to give advice.  After the way he stood against gay marriage with his ex-wife Damita and then left her for his younger woman, he really can't help deliver anyone out of being gay.

On “Preachers of LA”, Deitrick Haddon Gives Advice to Gospel Singer Kevin Terry After Leaked Gay Sex Tape

It’s been nearly a year since gospel singer Kevin Terry’s gay sex tape leaked online and had church folk up in arms.

Next week’s episode of “Preachers of LA” will feature Terry, himself, discussing the...Read full article, here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gospel Artist J. Moss Home Caught On Fire!!! Breaking News!!!

Although, we don't know much about J. Moss, we ask that you keep him in your prayers.  In our opinion, there is no need for people to act as though it's a time to be sad, it's a time to rejoice, this man's still has got his life.   The only thing that is lost is his home and some possessions.   Of course, it must be very upsetting to lose your personal belongings; but God makes a way for us to gain it back, the only thing we can't regain is our souls.  Therefore, the alleged salary of $50,000 that he brings in per month will not only assist his personal needs, but it will also be enough to feed and clothe the poor; let's not forget child support, in case he hasn't done so.

 In case you didn't know, Moss is the cousin of the Clark sisters.


Grammy Award Winning producer and Stellar Award Winning artist J Moss was home alone on Tuesday evening when fire broke out. The fire quickly spread though out the house but Moss was able to escape. The cause of...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's CeCe Winans 50th Birthday!!

Wow, CeCe Winans has made it to be 50 years old.  It's so wonderful to know that this gospel artist is yet alive while so many others have passed on.   We recall when she started out in her career, along with Bebe Winans on the PTL Club.  God has been very good to her and her family. Happy Birthday to CeCe Winans.

Happy Birthday, CeCe Winans!

Happy Birthday, CeCe Winans!

Today, October 8th, is CeCe Winans’ 50th birthday. For over 30 years, CeCe Winans has blessed the lives of countless people...Read full article, here.

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